How I Make $1,000 Daily Swing Trading Stocks | Investing 101

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markzzzzzzable says:

Hi RIcky, I see you are using thinkorswim is that only with Ameritrade?

Alaminator Plays says:

if u want to get around pdt, use suretrader

Fuad Kaldawy says:

Hey Ricky, I think you're missing on something, the price of DRIP and GUSH are directly correlated to crude oil prices (WTI).

Estella says:

Hey Ricky what's the different between penny stocks and regular stocks If theirs a different, do you teach how to trade both?

MatrixParadise says:

And cut… FREAKING CUT YOUR LOSSES, before they cut you out of the trading game.

MatrixParadise says:

Again and again you are right about not being greedy. Know what your goal is and sell when you reach it. Grow your account daily!!!

MatrixParadise says:

Never again am I going back to work 😀

MatrixParadise says:

Did about 5% today with GUSH!!! OMG! That feels amazing making my days pay in just 3 hours trading 😀 Thank you Ricky!!!!

Derek Nicholas says:

How do you gain access to the discord? Is it open to the public or do you have to be a buyer of the 250-300 "classes" to get access?

Jordan Sole says:

That /CL all time high kind of scary

M Ave says:

Glad I got out of this asap GOLD BOOM BOOM

maurice F K says:

Make a video on space mining or European trading

GrayCamaro1 says:

I wanted to say thank you for your work. While I did not study much in the way of day-trading or swing-trading yet, your videos have helped me consider my 401k options through work. Just last night, a coworker indicated to me that she had lost on her 401k over the past year. No reason that should have happened. Thank you have a good day.

PillowsStudios says:

Hi guys does anyone know if you can set both a stop loss order as well as a profit taking order at the same time?

arcnaver tipdog says:

I think you get rid of volume through settings, equity tab, volume overlay.

manamanacar123 says:

Wait Ricky said they were 2 stocks that he saw great potential but he only mentioned DRIP. Anyone know what the other stock/Rtf was?

imthabullet85 says:

where did you set your stop loss for $drip?

Bigpapa039 says:

I think Ricky might be closing his second red trade

Mule Kicker says:

Anyone else get in on DRIP? I'm in at 11.03

Ashish Patil says:

At what price did u take a 35% position on DRIP today ?

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