how i make money with penny stocks

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how i make money with penny stocks


CostaVideosHD says:

what book did you read and how are your profits currently in 2015?

mehtalokesh13 says:

Thanks man for great tip!

Steven Stamatis says:

people this guy has no idea what he's talking about. he's an affiliate marketer

Shawn Afshar says:

Recommend a online broker ? 

SB Macavinta says:

Hey man! I'm looking to Penny Stocks as well! Is it cool if I get your email and ask you for some advice?

Ali Capar says:

nice strategy

DumpinMyGun says:

You rich yet dude?

Issac Mendoza says:

Just watched this video! Thanx for the info hows your investing going currently??

Andy E says:

Good informative video. Thanks for being real. 

Giovanni Ramirez says:

Amazing! When i become part of the BBC(Billionaire Boys Club)… Y will thank you in person, hopefully!.. Thanks Hector!

reggie Brice says:

Hi hector , i would like to learn and try it , please help thank you  


take a look a this penny  stock buddy symbol TRYF

Paulus Joshua says:

Good insight.What broker do you use to find shares to short? Mine has a limited inventory of shortable stocks, and virtually no penny stocks available to short. Thanks man

Ali Sher says:

keep it up buddy…..dont foget share the video the time u buy ferrrrrrrrrrrari…………….

N!N Fan says:

Where do you buy/sell your stocks? Ameritrade,Scottrade etc. or do u buy directly from the company?

Mehdi B says:

Alright thanks bud

The Small Cap Millionaire says:

you make money by betting against them

Mehdi B says:

How's it going? I've been trading penny stocks for about 4 months now. But i'm not understanding how you're making money when the stock goes down after the brokers send out the news letters? can you explain, thanks

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