How I Picked The Single Hottest Stock 2 Days In A Row

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When you’ve been in the game as long as I have, calling trades that play out almost perfectly is something that comes easier with time and experience. But if that’s not where you are as a trader, tune in to learn how I do it.


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Today consisted of a wide range of trades, which makes for many different trading lessons…

On some trades, I took the meat of the move. And on some stocks, I simply sold too soon.

But we’ll get into all that here in this video — don’t miss this.

Overall, I wanna go into detail on how I was able to make $5K just in the morning. And it’s important to not focus on just the money.

That’s why I wanna make sure you understand how much variety a trading day can bring. You win some and you lose some. You adapt and continue trying to hit your moving target.

And I hope you see why I constantly review my good and bad trades. Because if you’re not currently doing that with your own trades, it would be worth a try.

You can’t level up as a trader if you don’t understand what needs improving or what strategies are suited for your personality. It’s just not likely.

So, if you’re unsure how you should be reviewing your own trades — even paper trades — pay attention to how I review my trades.

And watch this video to find out which stocks I nailed and which ones I missed.

There were two stocks in particular that I was so right about. Tune in to find out which stocks they were.

And pay attention to the WHY I was right about these stocks. That’s the crucial lesson here.

Leave a comment if you understand the smartest thing you can focus on as a trader. Say, “I will learn from every trade.”

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Timothy Sykes says:

🔴 Check out the 30 Day Bootcamp:

Leave a comment if you understand the smartest thing you can focus on as a trader. Say, “I will learn from every trade.”

peaceterrace says:

Tried to join the challenge but having trouble accessing; should I just do this bootcamp?

Anthony Verzi says:

Great video, insight to where I’m at!
🙏 Tim

Belle P. says:

ALYI, BANT & GAXY were the bomb! They’re perfect for short term long positions if you get in at the right time. Amazing break outs!

Rohkani says:

I didn’t know you were into robotics. AITX finally landed a Fortune 500 as a client and they already have 3 in different businesses in LA as well as TX. Face mask detection robots. No more human emotions and fighting over a goddamn mask. Pandemic play. Im calling myself out as the “The Black Michael Burry” on this one 🤣🤣 im not a day trader. I’m heavily invested in this stock but that doesn’t make anything I’ve said less real 🤷🏿‍♂️

خضر العراقي says:

I just signed up For your 30 days bootcamp

Connor Jones says:

Do you have any students from the UK, I'm thinking of signing up would it still work the same?

Michael G says:

Knowledge Account Increased

Ludwigvan says:

There seem to be better momentum on those crappy pink sheet stocks (which I don't trade), less so on Nasdaq ones at the moment.

Shark says:

I wish I knew how to find penny stocks

Jon Westbay says:

Still steamed about $GMGI. I ignored the morning news and this is what happens? Good news is that we'll get another crack at it soon and will be ready!

Bigball 19 says:

Hi Tim…I'm just newbie..I try to learn about that you taught but my head is spinning 😇

Micipsa LAHLOU says:

Banked in BANT, DSGT, GAXY and I m in in Alyi I will sell in the market open on monday, you re the best teacher Tim thanks so much

TACTICAL TRADING {Penny Stocks} says:

ALYI is PERFECT OTC 1st Green day weekend hold.. Im in @ $0.015. DSGT, GAXY, BANT & ALYI have made for one helluva week.

Roberto Baca says:

I bought GEVO today with the $108.00 I have left in my TD account at 1.28. The volume was there today and news, so I thought would hit the 2.00 mark. Still holding until Monday to get out. My problem is I hold and plus it's hard to actually analyze a stock at work. I want to be a trader full time but need to get more educated.

who is making the claim? says:

what is the trading challenge all about?

Antoine Rutherford says:

Its Antoine (Twan) lol. But thanks for the shoot out.

who is making the claim? says:

see you in the chat room? where is that?

Garett Sikes says:

The power of tiny gains chart is legit!

Lulu88 says:

Take a shot every time he says he’s from a small town in Connecticut

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