How I Plan To Make $44,000 Tomorrow – Swing Trading Penny Stocks

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Dmitrii Luzianin says:

You are the man. I just watched the whole video and i 100% agree about other uTubers such as Ricky…G. and others.

Jean Paul says:

lol "they don't know what the fuck they are doing " 23:00 excellent man

KillaKam922 says:

Thank you for taking the time to poduce this quality content! Your help will not go unused

mrosenberg21 says:

You should show your equity

K P says:

Hey Will, awesome content. I was wondering how you determined your entry based on TA. You stated to short the double top but at 16:40 when you entered I don’t see an indication of the double top unless I’m missing something

TravisB says:

"Karaman" in Swahili means "The Man", thereby…..Will The Man! I like your videos man but your subscriptions would go through the roof if you shortened them to 20 minutes or less….that or swear more cuz I like it when you talk trash on all the haters!

Honest Reviewer says:

What if stocks gaps up 800% after you short over night

douglas welp says:


Trelyn Pounds says:

20 trades per day or per month?

Stallion trading institut & portfolio management says:

short the NSDQ100 as i told you in the chat guys . enjoy this free signal from Stallion trading

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