How I Plan To Make 50% Profit Day Trading Amazon Options

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Joe Siu says:

ay i got in on amazon too before i seen this vid lets gooo

Christian Arroyo says:

Man so glad to see you do your thing in the option world. I been using your strategies on options for a while now lol Thank for all your content brother.

Shane Bird says:

great video. thank you.

Sel Dis Pat says:

What do you do if you lose both long/short styles of trading? It is possible.

Jacob Rothschild says:

why do gaps fill?

Robert Orellana says:

Hey William, don't you have to take into consideration the disappointment in the Q2 earnings report last Thursday? That reaction can set a new trend for the stock. Let me know what you think.

Am Zaca says:

Great content and you can add Microsoft Azure(and others like Google) vs AWS.
Also Shopify announcing a plan to set up fulfillment centers across the US(… and media content competition disney, Apple and Netflix)

Jutarut Jaeger says:

How do you set up the chart, so you can see the gaps, in think or swim?

David Lopez says:

This a gg. You’re clutch, very informative.

Lost Science says:

any thoughts in Bynd stock?

1988Allnatural says:

Certainly a key level to watch on gaps. The harder the stock runs into the gap the more likely it is that the bulls will run out of steam and the bear will pounce on the key level.

Scotty S says:

Awesome content!

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