How I Profit From The Most Volatile Stocks

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Volatility can be scary — even in penny stocks. But it has its pros and cons. On one hand, volatile stocks can mean supernovas. On the other, it can spell disaster for uneducated newbies. Learn more about volatile stocks and how I profit from them here!

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I want to review today’s volatile stocks and the lessons they carry…

But first, what does it mean for a stock to be “volatile?” Well, volatile generally means explosive or unpredictable.

Coincidentally, that’s exactly how I’d describe most penny stocks.

That’s why I came up with the term supernova for some stocks. Because supernovas are unstable. They have the ability to BLOW UP. I’ll talk more about supernovas in this video.

When stocks are volatile, their percent gains AND losses tend to be quick and extreme.

And in this video, I’ll explain all of the volatile stocks I caught … and the ones I missed, too. Pay attention to the indicators I mention here!

But what should you focus on?

As a newbie who’s likely going long on trades … Focus on the biggest percent gainers of the day.

If you’re more experienced and prefer short selling … Focus on the biggest percent losers of the day.

Here, I’ll also go over some of my rules that I broke, and how that played out.

That’s the type of trader I am — willing to adapt. It may work, or it may not. It’s not an exact science.

It’s up to you as to what type of trader you wanna be. But one thing all top traders have in common is that they know which volatile stocks to focus on and when.

I know it sounds difficult to try to learn how and when seemingly unpredictable stocks move, but the more you know the easier it can become. This market will seem less unpredictable over time as you build your knowledge account.

Remember, you choose which stocks you watch. How long you hold your position — a day, an hour, or ten minutes — it’s totally up to you.

But volatile stocks are meant to be ridden, not tamed. That’s why it’s crucial that you learn to adapt.

Leave a comment below if you understand that you have full control over the patterns you learn and favor. Say, “I am in control.”

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Timothy Sykes says:

🔴 Trade with me in real-time, all-day:

Leave a comment below if you understand that you have full control over the patterns you learn and favor. Say, “I am in control.”

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Sai Xiong says:

KODK was a beautiful short squeeze. Went to 60 the next day.

Yo 7 says:

I am in control

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I am in control

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I AM IN CONTROL!! Thankyou

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i always look at the biggest % gainers but i dont know if im in control still a newbee

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i am in 100% control

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I am in control, because patience is a mofo

Omar Elias says:

Good day, great week!

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What about $KODK

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I'm not in control…. I suffer from FOMO big time!

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With lots of study every day !! I am getting it under control !! hoping to get to the challenge soon. I do understand once this hot market slow's and the day of reckoning come. I am sure i want to be sitting there watching trading tickers or pennystocking framework , or have some sort of study on . Making trades for my self. I doubt it but some day i might even need get a little of Tims money lol. I can't do that if i am still following his lead. not sure about anyone else but I will learn the most I can . take it make it better is the plan . Be the smartest me that i can. I got A crap tone of hard work in me and a boat load of time what I don't have is any experience i am so glad that Tim Sykes " Tim Bohen and all the people from Tim"s community willing to share Theirs . Great stuff thanks !!!!!

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Longs definitely aren’t for me. Lost every time.

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I'm in control

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I’m in control. Just opened my knowledge account. Making a deposit every day. I can see myself doing this.

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