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A lot of you guys have been asking on instagram how did I retire early at the age of 24 and what passive income streams do I have. simple answer – Trading penny stocks for beginners.
Penny stock investing.

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How to day trade penny stocks

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Zaid Kur says:

Guy's just to clarify I'm only taking another 20-50 students and I'm done with the mentorship program for EVER. Link in the description no more students/course after June.

Михаил Кошкарев says:

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Crypto Justin says:

Yes you can make a lot of money trading the markets in minutes (I've done that), but the key is consistency for any length of time. Do you have that consistency that would allow one to quit the 9-5?

Эмин Мамедов says:

Today I inserted all my cryptocurrency savings in ICO Telegra As for me I anchor my hope in GRAM token! I consider that in 2019 there 'll remain only Efirium, Bitkoin and Telegram token

June Milo says:

You are an inspiration. …and such a cutie!

Romeo Lives says:

I hear you Zaid! I will soon become my own boss forever! I have learned a great deal from all of your training videos! You have already mentored brilliantly mate!

Donto Vuyk says:

You is a fucking scammer ok am in Jamaica an I know you r

Bill Allen says:

Been watching a while booom 10k subs well done zaid should be more tho keep up the good work

Quddus Khayrullaev says:

Who is concentrated on investments, I advise to take note of GRAM tokens

Антон Маняко says:

Today I read that GRAM token from Pavel Durov can show the biggest growth for all history of cryptocurrencies! In an open round of ICO in the span of just several days they collected almost full whack

Lou A says:

I'm in my 60's
God Bless!

Лилия Кошкидько says:

Guys! Don’t get any ideas just buy the Zilliqa! It will easily make 50 X-es this year! Make the screenshots!!!! They have a steep airdrop, yesterday I received coins free coins I will buy some more at the exchange, and will be waiting for a growth)

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