How I Setup My Stock Scanner / Screener on ETrade Pro Platform for OTC Penny Stocks

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This is how I setup my stock scanner to find OTC Penny Stocks to trade on ETrade Pro


Bimmerx53 says:

How often do pump and dumps light up the scanners like that?

mrnogood says:

How do you set up multiple scanner screens in etrade pro? I can't figure out and I've been trying all day

Daniel Ledford says:

MACD and RSI (set on 10 not default 14). Learn these chart indicators. Basically if RSI is turning upward its a watch if it crosses the 50 or 70 line its a buy signal. If MACD black line is crossing over the that is a buy. Together a double buy and look for 1st resistance price and PLAN YOUR TRADE AND TRADE YOUR PLAN. good luck

DeeZee1974 says:

no. the more volume there is the better. if u have 25000 volume and u wanna invest $200 on a .0002(1 million shares), u are going to be having a hard time selling of your shares if the price goes to .0005 ($500-commissions=$280-$300 profit, depending on your broker). Not enough buyers to sell to. in my opinion, set it up @100000, 250000, 500000, 1,000,000, and that is conservative.

Varun Baluni says:

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Eugemir Guedes says:

im new at this so im learning

Eugemir Guedes says:

what about if it lands only at 50k or only at 100k ?? is that a good signal to buy ??

Bhaskar Rao says:

GReat videos , very educational for new traders. Thanks for posting

fred farkel says:

Noticed you're day trading $FB almost every day last week. Please teach us what you look for as far as entry and exit. That would be the ultimate. Maintaining your 70% win rate while day trading non-pumps is quite a feat. Thanks for all you do.

Derrick Jackson says:

thank you sir for videos…happy trading

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