How I Trade Crude Oil – The Daytrading Room

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I take an in depth look into trading crude oil. Using an example of a trade that combines higher and lower timeframes, with an order flow tape read trigger.

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Aryan Mathur says:

you the one who post on .? I follow your tips there.

swordfish00007 says:

Hi are you still trading crude oil?  It's 2014 almost 2015

Tony Smith says:

The guy doing the video need to be more clear. He need to tell us where and at what number he shorted and where he went long, instead of be so un clear on what he actually did.

Prince M. Golds says:

cant u trade using supply and demand levels without indicators?

Subash Thapa says:

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Django says:

Excellent Video, Definitely one of the better ones! Thanks!!

Amar Sohal says:

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Ronald Harris says:

Hi! Vanessa, I can't find the link. Help, please… Many thanks!

Michael Samhan says:

i suggest range based charts.. preferably fib numbers i use 21, 8, and 4 along with my daily charts.. on every market not only crude

65ADORNO says:

Oil is traded on pivot points. Just where you say you would get out is a pivot where you would probably want to add to your short. 4hr charts and a 144 or 233 or even 987 tick are the way to go with Crude.

65ADORNO says:

one minute charts always look crazy. Better to use tick charts and adjust the timeframe to the time of day and volume. It has a smoothing effect.

Crude oil Trading room says:

ya thousands of PC's….not ONe…Get over your stupidity

Rustam Moukhametzyanov says:

Thank you,sir, very interesting and useful video. Cheers from Russia!

Vanessa Van says:

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Daywalker says:

great video, still relevant 6 months later and always worth a re-watch – thanks Mark

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