How I Use The TradingView Stock Screener to Find The Best Stocks To Trade

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How I Use The TradingView Stock Screener to Find The Best Stocks To Trade
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In this video:
– Step-by-Step Guide to Best Use The TradingView Stock Screener
– How To Use The TradingView Stock Screener Like A Pro
– The Easiest TradingView Stock Screener Tutorial

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Rahul Chahal says:

Well explained. Thank you

Audrey Han says:

The instructions are so well explained. Thank you! A question: how can I add the RSI, Stochastic, and MACD indicators to the lower half of the screen like what you have. For example, if I search AAPL, I see the AAPL stock chart, and when I click on "Full featured chart", I see the Stock Screener, Text Notes and other tabs on the lower part of the screen. If I click on the fx tab and add the indicators, they will show on the stock chart, instead of on a seperate box under the stock chart.
Thank you for your help!

Chris Hamilton says:

Thanks for sharing the info. I was wondering how to do this

Aubrien King says:

Very nice video, learning a lot from you sir! Thank you!

George Guan says:

This is awesome. You were so natural with the camera that it was difficult to break attention from the content. You were very engaging and I felt like I was in a classroom with you. Great material, looking forward to more videos!

herzog311 says:

Great video. I will use this immediately. It is a great idea to remove thise columns, because it protects you against emotional influence because of the traded volume or rating.

gallya says:

Is there a reason why I can't place raise my stop loss? I bought 1 stock in papertrading but for some reason I can't initiate a stop loss unless i put it wayyyy below the actual trade. I bought 1 paypal stock at 172$ and then i tried to place a stop loss at $164, it says i can't, greys out the modify button.

Gabriel BG says:

You are the best! Always enjoy your content. I would love to take a Udemy course on Technical Swing Trading taught by you!

Math Guy says:

Thank you so much…great tutorial.

Fatih Barut says:

thanks for the information but I don't like bitcoin and options exchanges because they are not trade they are just transfer of the money between gamblers.

lan gu says:

Hi, do you know how to change ma200 to ma150 in screener? Thanks a lot.

Richard says:

Can you please help me understand why this is happening to my 1 minute chart? This is the second account I have created because it happened to my first account as well, and I wasn't able to fix it so I made a new account instead. Is it because I don't have a paid account? There's no contact information on their site (tradingview) and all the support is basically a frequently Q&A page. I am really pissed off right now >:(

Jas R says:

Does the scanner run real time? Or does it just provide results for that time you run the scan?

rm 80 says:

why do i want to listen to the Bee Gees

4CiTieSuk says:

Hey I quite liked the video as I didn’t know you can save the column setup separately from the filters as well. I find pretty frustrating there’s so many videos with tutorials telling me which filters people recommend but not a single video telling me in detail good strategies to decide when to enter, how to do the end to end research to decide to put a large sum o f money in a single position. Ideally I’d like to see this live or even in practise mode, do you have any tutorial available like this ? I’m quite new into this so would really appreciate the detail around the different strategies and what information sources to pick and signals, news , technical, fundamentals to look at before committing your hard earned money in a position. I’m interested to learn more of swing trading, penny stocks, breakouts, etc, not much about long term 100% safe, thanks and keep up the great content ! 👋🤓

Luis Felipe Urbaneja says:

any idea how to see the etf sector comparison ,,,i saw a chart (line chart) not candles that each etf had a color, or inside a certain etf, like xlf how can we see withing that sector witch institution inside e the xlf is strobger and weaker? thnaks for example friday xlf was weak but the weakest was wfc and gs. thanks

Alain Choquette says:

Hello Markus, can you tell me if this scanner is in real time? It look like it's 15min delayed!!!

Abhikansh Jain says:

Is there any way to scan a particular strategy i.e on 60 mins time frame, sma(13) crossed above sma(30)?

Harry H says:

This is was one video I was searching for a week now abt the screener, it is clear and transparent. Gonna go through all your videos and let you know how it works with NSE(National stock exchange of India) :P.
Keep going.

renee gallazzi says:

Markus, I just discovered you today. After a couple of videos, I am enjoying the simplicity of your teaching. Could you show us how to adjust trading view to see your indicators RSI, STOCH, and MACD? Or if you have already done this, direct me to the titled video. Thank you!

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