How I’m Prepared For A Potential Stock Market CRASH [2018] | How to Minimize Losses and Avoid Panic

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FINALLY! The US stock market had the toughest week in 2+ years.

There are VERY few good plays for now…whew! Not only is this healthy price action, but it’s also a very good opportunity for many of you students to watch my archived video lessons/webinars so you can be prepared for when there is a solid trade setup, which any further dipping and/or bounce would create.

This is how I’m preparing for a potential stock market crash 2018.

0:05 The Dow just had it’s the toughest week in two years, but we’re still up so much.

0:30 I don’t play market guessing games, I take it one trade at a time.

1:00 Bitcoin is following a very odd pattern. If it doesn’t fit my pattern, I do nothing.

1:45 Bitcoin has been fading the last few days. The good news is that this is healthy. You have to play things safely.

2:20 Be very careful on longs right now. This is the first big drop in a long while.

3:00 I like being safe rather than sorry. We are due for a dip. We are due for a stock market crash. We are due for consolidation. Take it one trade at a time.

4:00 Learn to have patience when you don’t have the right set up. Sometimes the best trade is no trade at all.

4:30 Cash is king. The best trade for me right now is no trade at all. You don’t have to move your cash all of the time.

5:10 The odds are not good enough to play stock market guessing games.

5:30 Don’t play guessing games. No one knows what’s going to happen to the overall market.

6:15 I don’t want to play low odds guessing games. I don’t want to gamble. I want to grow my money meticulously.

7:00 If you don’t know where the overall market is going you have to be extra careful especially when we’re due for a stock market crash.

7:30 No stock matters right now when the overall market isn’t strong. Respect the overall market. Be prepared, be ready. Don’t be a hero.

8:30 Leave a comment: “sometimes the best trade is no trade at all.”

9:00 We are all using the exact same strategies and the same rules. You wait for the best opportunity.

9:30 We all have different personalities, but one thing stays the same: the stock market patterns.

10:00 We have not had a real dip since 2008.

11:00 It’s good to have volatility. I’ve been rooting for a crash for a while.

11:30 I miss short selling. I want a stock market crash.

12:30 When you have this kind of market you have to play defense.

13:00 Is this the beginning of a bear market? Is this the end of Bitcoin? I don’t know.

14:00 I teach what works. I don’t teach what’s popular. I don’t want to lose my mind or my money, and I don’t want you to either.

15:00 Guessing games are not the way to long-term success. I will strike when the pattern is predictable.

15:15 The potential stock market crash gives us time to rest and time to prepare.


izzzzzz6 says:

At what level did you start to short the stock market over the last week?
When do you think would be a good level to short the VXX?
Or is it better to buy the VXX every time it recedes?

izzzzzz6 says:

legendary advice. I just lost 2/3 of my account. Should have watched this video earlier.

simryusom8811 says:

I am a newbie in stock market and I've looking for class to take but only interest yours. How do I enroll?

Sometime the best trade is no trade!

Morgan Hogg says:

Sometimes the best trade is no trade at all

N Charles says:

The best trade is no trade at all.

FakeFacedestroyer says:

how much would $1000 invest in TZA make in this stock crash?

Labarron Kennedy says:

The best trade is no trade at all.

Michael Zanderigo says:

Sometimes the best trade is no trade at all.

john alvarado27 says:

que terrible es no poder entenderlo por no hablar ingles alguien que me pueda ayudar

tim campbell says:

What happened to Roland Wolf ?

No videos from him for a long time.

Did he get crushed?

ngethe kinyanjui says:

best trade is not to trade at all.

Luke G says:

Sometimes the best trade is no trade at all! Damn right sir!

Kevin Varga says:

Sometimes the best trade is no trade at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

patrick keil says:

Hi tim! got a question for you, your best trade ISCO ! the trade you made 123 000$ on it, on your book you talk that the stock price moving higher in the premarket,, but you also said is OTCBB stock, but OTC stock doesnt have pre market or after hour ? so i dont get it :/

Mandy Zepeda says:

You called it Mr. Sykes!

Wilson Mar says:

Man, I want to make money Tim, I tired of not making any money & losing money

Damián Torréns says:

Sometimes the best trade is no trade at all! No doubt about it!

Frosty Hardison says:

Yes. Sitting on my hands – No trades for 3 days.
I'm in today taking advantage of the snap back.

janpec10 says:

Sykes striking trough mass of bullshit like a true bullshit detector. Always great to hear your videos, many people that learn on this channel dont realize how important it is to have a teacher like that, people often get ofended by straight-forwardness or think its just a cocky guy, but in trading you need two tools for sure, one is transparency and the other is bullshit detector ability.

Joe Romano says:

@Tim you crack me up man becuz your so literal… “I don’t even know what I’m saying!” Lmfaooofff but deep down you always know what your saying!

Stay Green Big Papi!!!!

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