How I’ve Achieved Growth Using These Tips

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Too many newbie traders expect to cheat their way to success. That’s why most of them lose. If you’re serious about becoming a real trader, you can’t cut corners

The key is having proper expectations and the patience to actually put in the time and effort studying. Understand it takes time to get used to this stuff —taking in the information, utilizing that information, then acting on that information in real time.

Your education is the most vital component on this journey. I have SO many video lessons, DVDs and webinars. Tim Bohen has 1,200+ webinars. You need to study, learn terms and patterns, and follow my #1 rule: Cut losses quickly.

It’s not easy. Having patience is essential. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

It’s not something you can fake!

Here, your journey can be related to how hard you work, how much you show up and the effort you put in. This isn’t like an hourly job —it can potentially be far more rewarding than that.*.

If you follow the rules and put in the effort, you can boost your chances of gaining an edge in becoming a better trader.

Do you have the discipline to do this? Why or why not? Leave a comment below and let me know.


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As a newbie I so want to listen to your great advise but I find myself turning you off because of the swearing! I have a small child and I'm always anxious if I have you on you might let one fly! Also as a student I find myself turning you off because I don't expect a tutor to swear so much and also because I find it offensive. I love your character but can't take the swearing, any chance you can tone it down? THANKS

Jeffrey Neubauer says:

Thanks Tim and Tim! Appreciate you guys! IT'S GOOD TO BE REAL

Ryab Anderson says:

Selling my trading videos. Contact me if interested.

Jess West says:

It's good to be real

Travon Woodmore says:

Lmaooo when he said binary ??

Helpful Villagers says:

its good to be real.. it is tough.. really tough but i will put in the time to learn because this is the goal..

L. Jermaine Russell says:

It's good to be real!

Ricardo Carranza says:

Its good to be real

Chase null says:

These are great but it'd be nice if you didn't interrupt your guest as much. Really great stuff otherwise!

Wolf RainCaster says:

What about E*TRADE? Would that be a good way to start? Haven't done it yet but just curious???

Deer Ridge says:

its good to be real!!!!

glenn baker says:

Great to be real

Jose Garcia says:

RIGHT ON!!! TIM,my man……………..its good being real,im from Chicago you better be real

Alex Krotz says:

Its good to be real! Love the lessons, work ethic is so key!!!

Ed bet says:

Thank you Timss

Matthew Tellez says:

Explain how to use Oracle plz. It's good to be real!

Noam mota says:

What r your thoughts on algotrading and can it be applied on penny stocks

Flash Tech says:

Tim's right. I have been watching and studying and taking notes on his dvd's and also watched all of Tim Gritani's dvd's and took notes. I have also been trading and collecting data to find trends. Took every bit and pieces of advice from these guys. It has been over a year and one thing you need to learn is to cut losses quickly. That is a hard thing to do.

Chris Louangrath says:

It's good to be real!! thx Tim

Juan sexy cute says:

can u take about a morning poanic, and dip buy, or show me one

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