How Long Does It Take To Be Consistently Profitable

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48 hours left on our 35-70% off blowout holiday sale at and understand it took Tim G featured here 9 months and it took student Ayman 14 months so you must have patience and perseverance in your studies!


ynoter1 says:

So with HTMM every month do you give the earnings to a charity or?

Ch Akash says:

I will really appreciate your answer!
if web based trading is done alongside with all the analysis on Stock To Trade , good idea?

Riley Arunakul says:

I agree the htmm is the one I purchased, there is so much in there

bobs burgerz says:

I was literally thinking about this today!! such a good video!!

Laura Avila says:

Thank you so much for always uploading videos!!! I am consistently studying for the past 4-5 months and saving up money. Cant wait to have enough money to start trading. Im in high school so thats why its taken a while to get money. But THANK YOU!!

Eric Miller says:

Been studying all weekend, earnings winners etc.. thanks for everything Tim S ✌?️

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