How long will Bitcoin Remain #1 | Bloomberg News

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Cryptocurrency 24 hours 24/7 news
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borg386 says:

The only thing bitcoin is good for is to buy alt coins.
When we can buy alt coins with fiat then bitcoin will not be in much demand.
I do like how it is actually decentralized though unlike some of the alt coins.

Quintin Pringle says:

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James Louise says:

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CopperHeroin says:

I thought he was still locked up for nothing?

mike smith says:

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BackToConstitution says:

Ethereum will face very fierce competition and EOS is one cryptocurrency that can topple Ethereum. EOS raised $4.2 billion, using Ethereum, which created a whole lot of demand for Ether, but now all that cryptocurrency has to be sold off, because fundraising by EOS is over! No demand for Ether now! Watch Ethereum fall, like a rock dropped from a cliff! Ripple will face competition from Stellar and who created both? Jed McCaleb! I don't see Ripple or Ethereum lasting in their current cap ranks! I see IOTA rising and EOS. Tron will be very big and today, it's 4 cents! Try to buy it though! It's nearly impossible! When you can get over 2,000 of them for $100, there isn't any reason not to bet on Justin Sun, founder! He's already successful and just purchased BitTorrent

Jesus Christ says:

She takes it bals deep up her throat, i like her.

milinm says:

Bitcoin is only good as a store of value, but terrible for transactions (ask anyone who is a day trader). Other crypto's will overtake it purely because of transaction speed, and it doesn't have to be projects, it can be another cryptocurrency that has no other function except to serve as a cryptocurrency.

Dona Coin says:

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larj Larj says:

Just sold 123bitcoins we are going to 4K

O'brien russell says:

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Jenny Lee says:

Even bitcoin remains number 1, it's still a good news for other cryptocurrency especially if it's focus on learning as we know learning is the key for all.

subhash thakur says:

steve daniel says:

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Ken Semotiuk says:

Bitcoin lost over 65% of its value over the last six months, it was $19666 back in the middle of December, 2017, today June, 13, 2018 it is sitting at $6,585?
Bitcoin could very well go down to $1,000 before the end of 2018?

John fua says:

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Kale Pahinui says:

X R P ! ! !

33 Precise says:

Bitcoin is going to rape the dogs on a Tuesday!

Alexei Kuzmich says:

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Simson Lake says:

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