How Michael Hudson Became A Successful Penny Stock Trader | The Tim Sykes Show

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My latest success story from my challenge program, Michael H., shares his journey to becoming a successful penny stock trader over 3 years. Subscribe here to get INSTANT alerts when I post a new video outlining my penny stock trading techniques:

1:00 I’m Michael Hudson and I’m 23-years old from San Francisco. I’ve been trading penny stocks going on three years and it’s been a crazy learning process.

2:00 I got started when a friend invited me to the Robinhood app, I invested $20 over 6 different penny stocks.

4:00 I’ve always been taught to find mentors, find someone who can teach you, that’s how I ended up on Tim’s Penny Stock Millionaire Challenge website. I applied and got accepted into the challenge and the rest is history.

6:00 The text books in school that I’m learning from aren’t teaching the applicable lessons that Tim teaches about the stock market and penny stocks.

8:00 In school they’ll teach you about investing long term but you don’t hear about short-term small gains like you can earn investing in penny stocks.

10:00 Before I started trading with real money I spent six months studying the stock market and sending my Dad pictures of penny stocks that were up 300%.

13:00 My Dad gave me $25K to start trading with and over the next two years I was in the learning curve of the penny stock market.

15:00 It is possible to be successful trading penny stocks the very first day, but the smart strategy is to study, learn the patterns and grow over the long term.

17:00 The technology is available these days to become a successful penny stock trader at a very young age.

20:00 After two years of studying penny stocks and learning I finally had built the confidence that I knew what I was doing.

22:00 I started to see that the stock market patterns repeat and I would watch Tim’s webinars over and over. Learning penny stock patterns and becoming confident in my knowledge of the stock market.

24:00 I’m not good at long trades, so I decided to just stick to shorts and that strategy has worked so well for me.

27:00 I have started to track and trade long penny stocks. If I am going to long a stock it has to be picture perfect.

32:00 You have to have a plan when you go into trading penny stocks but it’s important to stick with your plan and not let outside sources influence you.

35:00 My goals have never been about a dollar amount, it’s always been about being successful. I want to move to London.

37:00 I’m ready to expand my horizon, I can trade anywhere in the world and keep learning the stock market. Penny stock trading is a means for me attain my goals.


heartdoc855 says:

thats jimmy kimmel

Blake Sab says:

If y’all wish you had 25k so bad you would be studying your ass off to get there. Tim has showed us year after year how to build up a small account within a short amount of time.


Staying with the Basics works. Every time I listen to and view or just listen to a video if I am not able to view, I grow in understanding. There is always profit in learning because in all labor their is profit.


I learned what I know about Penny Stocks from Timothy Sykes and those associated with Tim. It makes so much sense the way that Tim leads by example.


At this time, Bank of America is my helper/financier. Tim’s wisdom has helped me with his wisdom by laying the foundation to be wise in making purchases to build my credit because I have learned to become wiser in my business dealings.


Isn’t it wonderful how the father was brought into the picture over time?



Gaylin Brown says:

Interviewer please let the man talk…stop interrupting him

Moflyboy Blanquito says:

Lol I love this stuff.

Hasan Z says:

How many dads out there give their kid 25k to start off trading as a rookie? <1% maybe? This can't be motivation for the majority lol.

Bud Pierce says:

Do you have a list of MJ stocks?

Damian Masztalerz says:

I wish i had someone to give me 25k – HA


my dudes dad gave him 25k lol his dad is balling out

Bob says:

Loved the interview.

Rory Beavins says:

Tim Bohen's the man! So is this new guy. Love his mindset

Cool Jack says:


Cicero Araujo says:

Great interviewer

Anzelle Whitsett says:

Great video! Great to hear the story of another up and coming trader and his journey! Trust the process, follow your plan.

Shawn Corey Wright says:

Thanks Tim, for the awesome video

Ken M says:

Have you noticed none of his millionaire students have ever been women? There most likely never will be. Men are far more superior (and smarter)

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