How much do Day-Traders really make?

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David De La Cruz says:

why would the broker take 30% if you already pay them commission

Julian Rosales says:

I let my brother-in-law borrow 10,000 so he can make more. I'm currently investing from 20k-50k on each stock. I forgot all about borrowing from my broker lol but I don't need to anymore

gssseven I says:

What about loss???

Ethan Stoehr says:


TheNaz says:

Honestly amazing advice, im gonna start with paper trading while i build up the funds to start real day trading. Even then ill start off slow.

Youfi says:

How come you’re using USD amounts as return estimations, and not % !!! It should depend on the invested amount! Please clarify this point 🙏🏼

Tom Saxton says:

Do you think market direction matters.

MrBoriqua2000 says:

Aren't the trades free using robinhood?

Yahye Donfodio says:

Do you trade on olymp trade?

evan barker says:

Great video! I just recently started to save up and am 16 years old. How much capital would you say is required to start trading with?

Jason Cheshire says:

What do you think about TOS in 2019?

chess747 says:

Can you talk about homosexuals…😂

Olivia Hall says:

Hi Steven, as a psych student I noticed some interesting comments you made regarding your strategies and outlook. Would you say are you more motivated by financial gain, or expert status? No particular reason for my question, just interested to know 🙂

Sustainable Development says:

Where do i find penny stock list?

CobbleKing says:

He earns 27K

Andrew Dixon says:

The title is "how much do you make". Being rather new to this he lost me in the first minute…4 minutes later I have a headache. Not wasting my time on the last 3 minutes

Musaver6697 says:

just curious to find out why not use brokers like think and swimm or charles schawab? what espcial about the brokers that you are using. 30 to 40% of your profit goes to the fee? this is too much

Coms1 says:

Like Thor said in Endgame. "I like this one" with that being said, Steven doesn't start this video with flashy cars and a promising luxurious lifestyle. I actually realize with patience and practice I may be good at this by next year. If not I will continue to study and start trading when I am ready.

Raby Pich says:

I make 5 figures weekly following signals 🤷🏻‍♂️ does that count lol

Harry Chu says:

The returns being espoused in these comments can only be explained with exotic options like 500/1 and trading on margin. The problem with this risky approach is sooner or later you will be on the wrong side of those trades.

If anyone can consistently get 40% returns, they could be hired at any hedge fund.

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