How Much Experience Do I Need to Trade?

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A lot of people ask me, “How much experience do I need to start trading?”

The answer is simpler than you think. Yes, you need experience to trade. But, you don’t need experience to start studying.

The real question is: What do you study?

Before you start trading, you need to study stocks, patterns, brokers, and learn when to trade. You need to learn how to control your risks, manage your losses, and not let small mistakes turn into potential big disasters.

I can teach you all of that.

My top students aren’t genetically gifted. They have knowledge from studying and extreme dedication. They studied hard. It will take hard work and patience.

So, what do you need to start? You need the right mindset. You need to understand that this is difficult, but with enough training, with enough mentorship, with, frankly, enough patience, you can be successful in time.

You have an advantage that I never did. You have a mentor who wants to teach you skills and strategies to help you succeed.

Do you have the right mindset for trading? Leave a comment below and tell me why.


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Damien R says:

Stay patient, focused on patterns, rules, and proper risk/reward ratio. If you'll be focused only on money the market will just "kill" you in the long run…That's what i've learned so far…

Green Market 420 says:

Having knowledge in stock trading is the best key to success! –

Eric Miller says:

tim should i trade energy stocks or pot stocks? both are good to me and tim please check out calloway software its a binary options auto-trader where people are making tons of money with very little effort and what do you think of that and its not a scam

Carson Oulettel says:

Just from watching Tim's videos i've turned $750 into $1400. Imagine if i started getting into his DVD's or applying for his challenge? Which I am going to start doing both in January. Honestly listen to what he has to say and learn from him. I recommend starting with his youtube videos and doing your own research that is what has worked best for me so far.

ZachR says:

Thanks Tim I will be patient and continue to be a dedicated student thanks again for the education foundation

Helpful Villagers says:

trust you Tim.. am dedicated.. in for the long run.

Andrew Z. says:

YES I WANT Sir !!!

The Incredible R.Y.U. says:

I’m being patient

Trader Max📉📊💰 says:

You move from side to another awesome

your thumbnail 👍👍👍

Darien Ruffin says:

I will be patient. For the heavens up above have blessed me with patience. lol

Marianne is Here says:

patient, diligent,

Leinani says:

Thanks Tim Sykes!!

gojoeyr says:


michael campos says:

when you said what are the odds of getting in the nba i just laughed my ass off so funny lmao good stuff and 1:30 sounds like me lamo

Vince Lam says:

1:30 LMAO

swm122758 says:

You want an example of patients? I had set up an eTrade broker account with $9k before I heard of Tim's training. After researching Tim I opted to invest some of These funds in his training instead of hitting the ground running with that funded account. That was a tough call to make, to not touch the account for trading, but to invest those funds in the training instead! I'm glad I made that choice! The training is permanent and like all training, you get out of it what you put into it. I realized that any training is timeless. And, had I tried trading first and blown my account I would not have the skills to grow the account again.

Emanuel94 says:

Hey make SST softwear great again, with the new update on Mac Os have a lot of problems , i can not use it for almost 1 Week now
🗣 Timothy Rezolve the problems with STT !!

Fernando Portillo says:

Hey Tim I have a question. I’ve been studying and raising capital to become a trader and I’ve been watching your video lessons.I keep getting a lot of ads on these firms that fund people if they meet trading requirements and I was wondering what are your thoughts on them.

CIA Nigger says:

what's with the retarded boomer music at the start?

MTS says:


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