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Enjoy stocks trades and options on Robinhood? You came to the right place. This channel specialized in large trades and risky options trading on Robinhood. Gains and losses of me and others. Lots of simple financial advice and best picks in the market!

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(Disclaimer: This channel has been prepared for informational purposes only and is not intended to be used as an only source to invest in different companies. Individuals should never invest in the securities of any of the companies’ talked on this channel as a guaranteed way to make money. Don’t just use this channel to invest. Please assume that all information provided regarding companies and their securities is not trustworthy unless verified by their own research. Invest wisely and use this channel to help!)


Christian says:

But if you do YOLO and make it, you can be featured in Wall Street Bets

Raymond Bull says:

I recorded numerous losses trading stock by myself until my in-law referred me to Richard Bill trading, now I keep making huge weekly profits with him as my broker, he’s a genius.

Zyfed says:


kira cull says:

I was able to make around £45,500 under two weeks trading with an expert who was directed to me by a friend i also made my withdrawal without stress. i think everyone has to take advantage of this opportunity .it's surprising how such a trading platform is out there and people still don't know about it.

TheChocolatebar07 says:

Damn, this dude just deposited 13k into his account just like that, what job does he have? At the rate he's could make 22k a year doing this strategy if his account stays the same. wow

SuperBatong says:

When trading spread options or iron condors, or is there a risk of assignments.?

Alex Investing says:

Honestly…he probably said honestly at least 50 times on the video.

Nicholas Le says:

Must buy cloud stocks for next video?

Digi Mac says:

I’ve earned a solid 30% as of this weekend selling premium since June on Thinkorswim. I also setup a Robinhood account selling weekly spreads collecting between $.04-.05 cents per spread winning consistently. That account is smaller but is up nearly 15% in a few weeks 😎

Hunter Yeee says:

That’s better than my job

Shun Boone says:

Quick question if I buy a credit debit spread and my play surpass my strike prior to the expiration date do I have to wait until the expiration date to sell or expire to gain max profit or can I sell any time?

jdzlr says:

My guy said more safer 2:50

Diane Miette says:

Entering the Trading world is not easy, it is necessary to have a strong knowledge of what to do and a lot of free time to follow. I really lost a lot as a beginner. I saw several posts here and there about perfect strategies, but it all ended up being the same crap. But I didn't lose hope, I was referred to Ethan Hartman, who is now my trading specialist / account manager. This man changed my situation from bad to GOOD! I made my first initial investment of $ 2,540 with him, which earned me a total profit of $ 31,540. I was shocked by the gains I made in my first Trade. He is the best Expert Trader, trust me and I advise anyone who has a loss in Trading to contact him(EthanHartman323@gmailcom). Thank me later.

Vaibhav Singh says:

My first week of selling TNA puts, got out with like $14 loss. Phew!

18004 Sean says:

Can someone tell me how he got banned from Robin Hood so I don’t make the same mistake

HBLiving says:

damn added that extra 13k?? 😱

sunlighthot says:

I guess youtube is paying you good hahah. 13k deposit out of nowhere lol

Flippant Booch says:

you do not need 25k to be a successful options trader

Ricardo Ortiz says:

2k a month=24k a year. Easy money

Josh McDaniel says:

Tesla isn’t going to take a dump lol. Apple and tesla will continue their up trends through the week.

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