How much money can I make Day Trading

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Today I talked to a friend of mine who asked: “How much money can I make Day Trading.”

In today’s show, I am explaining how much money you can make with trading – realistically.

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Magic City Lotto says:

Markus! You hit the nail right on the head. My friend and I were having a discussion about earning income in relation to playing lottery. So, in my professional experience (15 year career) as a Lottery Analyst I was explaining to my friend don't just think about winning the big jackpot (of course this is every lottery players dream); but, realistically and it has been proven via research and studies that most millionaires who got rich or wealthy playing the lottery chose to start small. Playing the daily pick games (smaller cash prizes), winning consistently and proper budgeting (money management):

1). "Select to play the lotto game with the lowest odds (the game with the smallest number field)". – Gail Howard, Lottery Expert

2). "The best returns to players occur in the smaller games where relatively large jackpots do not spur lotto fever. The smart money is on taking a chance at the smaller jackpots". [Matheson, Victor. “In Search of a Fair Bet in the Lottery". Department of Economics, 2003]

3). "At the end of the day it doesn‘t matter if you earn a million from the prize in 1 draw or you earn it from multiple draws! As a lottery player you should aim for a lottery system that can deliver small and
medium wins- and lots of them! With lots of consistent small and medium wins you will quickly amass your wealth". [Brown, Sid. "How to Win The Lottery: Top Tips from Multiple Jackpot Winners". How to Win the Lottery, 2012]

Lottery players (and I assume most stock traders) are very stubborn, arrogant, greedy, e.t.c. They want to hit the jackpot now without going through a strategic process. My friend went on to doubt my ability to help him financially via lottery playing; but, when I showed him proof of my winnings (albeit small cash prizes so far) in real time player mode he was all ears. Lol! Anyways, I reaffirmed to my friend that winning the lottery is a process and he needs to allow me to exercise my experience, education and skills to help him succeed or reach his financial goals!

Sky Powers says:

Smart man, with style!

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