How Much Money Do I Need to Begin Trading stocks?

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How Much Money Do I Need to Begin Trading stocks?


Domenico Cusumano says:

haha love your style dude

TheAngrywhore says:

Thanks for these videos, very informative.

Belinda Helton says:

Excuse me but all penny stocks are not bad!!!… It depends on the company penny stocks are stocks under 5 dollars that's like saying Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are bad stocks they are a billion dollar company. a lot of other so-called penny stocks are great companies!…. Research and use common sense is the key

anursewhocares says:

Also, before you start trading, reading books on the stock market…dont go in with a blind eye

anursewhocares says:

Trading for 3 years now, my advice is: watch the market for awhile to see how it works. I use Tradeking for my broker, which as the app for my cell where I do most tradings.  Research stock companies before you choose stocks to trade.  Look for undervalue stock prices. For ex: FMCC was trading at 0.40-0.60 a few years ago and not long when up to as much as 5.00. NOK was around 1.70 around the same time and others as well…look at the history prices, charts and go from there.  The less a stock cost, the more you can buy, means more profit. YOUR WORST ENEMY IS LACK OF PATENTS……good luck all!!!

westplace2001 says:

How do you pay yourself as a trader since you can have winning weeks or months and losing weeks or months? For ex. Do you only pay yourself when u make profit or do u wait til the end of the year and pay yourself in bulk depending on your performance?

franca antonio says:

I really like your videos and your approach! Straight to the point, no BS. Your not telling us what we want to hear, instead your telling it how it is and exposing the hard reality of trading stocks. 

Aaron Sake says:

Hi, this video is kinda inspirational. I keep beating myself up that I'm not making enough money at my wal-mart job to get into this type of career. So my question is, say I want to start my account with suretrader with only 2000$ (3 paychecks in January and then tax return check yay!). Though against your opinion I do start learning and trading penny stocks. Could you please explain a bit more about the PDT rule for the lower class reading this? Now suretrader says they can bypass that rule with 2000$ but I didn't know how this worked. Or would It be wiser to find another brokerage with a no minimum and live under the PDT rule?

supercyberfunk says:

…And for those who insist on borrowing money, keep VERY tight stop orders. Still, don't borrow money.

bob bobis says:

so if i brought stock in facebook for $100 and lets say for example facebook was sold for 30 billion dollars and was worth 20 billion when i brought how much would you make?


Hi thanks for your advise,I want to begin trading which account would be suitable for a beginner like myself I mean which treading company can I use?

Make Money Trading Stocks says:

hi officedaily  yes you are right. losing money is part of the game. if you dont like risk and losing money one should change the job. thanks for your contribution

Putseller100 says:

You mention it is better to have a large account over a small one. One more great reason for that you did not mention is with a large account, there is peace of mind. With 100,000 account you can use say half and save the rest for when there are great bargains in the market. With a small 10,000 account it is tough to use a portion and leave the rest on the table. So I agree work that extra job or do whatever it takes to build up that account

OfficeDaily says:

I believe if you are serious, and you think of trading as a job or business. A small account can be very educational. It will teach you really fast about risk management and risk to reward ratio. It makes you work harder. Only if you're serious. One thing is for sure, you will loose money.

ferrari4sale says:

can you train yourself with virtual money for the first 1-2 years.

1 redto says:

To grow your account 50% in a year, you need to make 3.44% each month on account balance.

LETHAL_097 says:

Thanks for always trying to answer our questions and to our comments ,and to share your knowledge with us.

Sanjay Kumar says:

True… As a beginner one should start with lesser money because there is more chances to loose account until one understand the market and more importantly how to trade… Great Video…

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