How much money do you need to make a living from trading?

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How much money do you need to make a living from trading? Steve Ruffley, day trader comments. Unless you start with 5k, just don’t bother. Most traders end up getting wiped because they are undercapitalised – put it this way; which business would you start with less than 5k capital? I would recommend you put in more like 25k to 30k to start with but everyone of us have different circumstances so this may not be possible. But at the end of the day it takes money to make money.

Do you believe in diversification? Risk a little to make a lot. They call it asymmetric risk/reward but is this realistic?

Guys, please appreciate this guy is a day trader, meaning he holds and sells positions for very short periods and as such his methodology may be different to others.


TrueValues77 says:

He's very straightforward unlike many answering this very question. I like him…he's pragmatic and sharp.

TrueValues77 says:

It's a tricky question….she said to make a living from…well if you start with 500 it will be near impossible to live from it…..5000…yes.

m alsati says:

friends are there to lough with have a drink with they wont benefit you in anyway. this guy is straight forward he's got a point. my friends took the piss and said oh you will never make it in trading and now with 1 year experience i'm doing ok. friends all bullshit believe me. Trading isn't a game if you do it do it right. of course have the experience. this guy says it all simply

DJUCH says:

Wanted to say he's wrong, but I can not because every trader is different. When you start out trading, YOU WILL LOSE, so blowing 25K in a few trades is not advisable. Start with a demo account while you're learning the ropes and then graduate to a very tiny size, maybe 1000 bucks. GREED is BAD and it will burn you if you try to do too much too soon. Good luck!

anything4you05 says:

Making a certain amount a day is a horrible horrible strategy and a complete selling gimick. Consider the basics of any market, each day has a different range with different patterns and most days do not offer very easy setups ( fact). Smart traders wait for those very easy setups and step in…then step back and wait for the next allowing their account to compound. This is how people make good money trading – not trading everyday for a certain percentage…but compounding on the very easy setups every once in awhile. This is literally the key to successful trading by the few "FEW" i know who actually make money every year. Your welcome.

Ale Ben says:

This guy is rubbish. Extremely negative.

Ale Ben says:

That's bullshit. Especially crypto, 5000 pounds or $5000 will make you an ok living. If you're a successful trader, you can turn $5000 into $10,000 in about a month. In about 3 months, you can easily hit $15,000

Joseph Ramokolo says:

Well to be honest, in my humble opinion, without offending anyone who thinks differently from this guy’s point of view, but also by looking into this issue in a different perspective and without condemning any body’s views. The truth is, oh! What was I going to say??

Rynel Acosta says:

Warren Buffet started small. This guy is crap.

Oluwaseyi Ayoade says:

I disagree with most of his opinions, who is he anyways?

satin merno says:

Just for Food for thought.. From the person i know who has successfully make a living in the field. he once had only invested 100$ to his account just to get used with the real market where real emotion involved. then he got his way turning that 100$ to 1200$ then he said… WELL it's not about big investment it's about Fixed target and Discipline with a crystal clear money management and risk.. Now he makes annual 6 figures a year. and he said that he needs to backup his money by investing it in real matter like 20% of his total capital by planting trees and donate them to nature because he's afraid by making huge amount of money in future index, forex, so on so fort he would temper the nature.. as in nature law you can't create nor destroy matter but it can be changed from one form to the other form. He said basically Trading future index making fast money is like creating something out of nothing which is very unhealthy for the nature and now he's thinking about retirement and promoting things like every Currency Crypto or Non-Crypto generated should be being backedup 100% by matter like Gold, Metal, Woods, so on so fort!

Johnathan Grey says:

Is this guy a BLITZOR?

rudy c says:

with 3k account you can risk a 1 lot + 40-50 pips a day = 400$-500$ a day. Im a scalper so i have 5 markets i scalp on a daily basis. i take no more than 15 pips from each market every day. obviously with losses my end of the week profit ends up being usually 70-80% of the expected amount if i won every trade. Now if you take that into consideration you can definitely "potentially" earn a 6 figure income with just 3k to start with. i think its misleading that this guy says you CANT make it with a smaller amount. Not everyone can just dump 25k into an account and then become rich. Some of the most successful traders i know personally started from the bottom fucking with microlots on a 100 dollar account. Anything is possible as long as you put in the work and gain the knowledge. One thing is for certain it is a marathon not a race

Burhan Qerimi says:

All you of you go find those 25k and start trading (everyone cannot be right and profitable).

mykimikimiky says:

if you've clicked on this video, its obvious that you don't have living expenses.
so trading is a way for you to loose that money that you DON'T need.

Gentle Brother says:

What a chump! To anybody watching this – DO NOT start with a £5k account. Start with the minimum deposit your broker will allow and do not add any more until you consistently make gains using your own well-tested strategy. Oh, and keep a trading diary and forensically review all failed trades and adjust your trading stategy accordingly.

Bruce Gallick says:

Who's the sloothie interviewing?
Interesting video too

CaliCoins 28 says:

This is relativistic depending on your living expenses.

Nick Burge says:

I hope to be that guy some day

ActionTv808 says:

He lost his friends and family because of his personality. Life is not all about money. 💯L

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