How Much Money Do You Need to Start Trading for a Living?

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Learn how much money you need to start day trading, swing trading, and create a living. First you need to know what type of lifestyle you need or want and then how much money you need to sustain that lifestyle.

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Salim Al-Jabry says:

The name Sasha; where does it originate? sorry I know this random.

Drew Phillips says:

im in the Uk, have about 25g saved, currently out of work and really interested in learning more. I obviously have a lot to learn as im completely new to all this. My biggest worry is if i was to use my 25g and to loose it. I have no other out goings at the moment.

berjoe balagtas says:

Lol! The hypothesis about living is so SUPER CLOSED to our expenses

mark smith says:

Paper trade

Alexander Bayer says:

Currently, there are only four stocks that trade in the $400's. Why would that be a basis for how much capital is needed?

tradermq says:

You are a funny calculator! I like the Hypothetical total. You list no more than $1,720. Do you mean adding the "night out booze" for another $1,180 to reach your $3K monthly expense? Just wondering…

Anri Erikanov says:

Can you really trade with 25 euro ?

ThuWin Internall says:

He's simply telling if you don't have that kind of money, you shouldn't be trading and live off on it which is true. Trading is people who already got bit of money or excessive leverage keeps blowing up ur acc.

Mohammad Raja says:

i mean i can start with 500$ and keep on working until my funds are above 25k$ and focus more and more on trading and less on working. a simple man who spends barely 800$ a month shouldn't have a hard time.

Supreme Illuminator says:

Ahhhh…..i was about to reject this video until I saw the last 1second….alright then…( goes away silently)

Bogdan Goleminov says:

assuming you don't use leverage… what would be the scenario if you do?

corey giles says:

is it possible to make 100k in 2 months from 200 dollars

Bill Bayne says:

Sasha. I enjoy your videos. They are very informative.

A minor addition to your video. If you are trading for a living chances are you are day trading. Swing trades aside a $350 profit is easier to achieve with day trading which you would need at least $25k in your account due to day trading limitations.

$18k may do it but if your losses exceed your wins and you're closing trades daily then that amount won't work as you are only allowed to do three-day trades during a rolling five-day period. This is a rule you'll need to consider when making your trades. I've done it and it isn't easy.

Best thing is to trade part time and build up a trading account of at least $30k. This gives you a buffer above the $25k to comfortably day trade and have that extra for your monthly expenses. Anything less than $25k is not realistic due to the stress of having to make the monthly nut and stay eligible for day trading.

Sasha's calculations are correct but you need to consider that hard cold facts of being prepared financially to "trade for a living".

Watford470 says:

Can anyone explain candle volume in stocks? It confuses me a bit also how do people exactly make money from investment as i have check a few apps and it does not show you your money you have earned from a stock as well as not showing you a way to put the money into your bank account i need help!

Chris H. says:

What about savings for retirement? what about taxes? what about increasing the capital stock?

Rfazeful says:

wow I want to learn from you thank you so much I want to make a living from this and have a lot of cushion to boot

Obuks says:

Thank you Sasha, that was quite usefull

Lupe 'Mahaq' says:

How many times you win all lose is irrelevant.

HotMustard says:

You need 100 dollars and access to leverage, start with currencies, watch my trading videos, no teaching, real trades.

a s says:

You russian turd

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