How My Student Roland Turned $4,000 into $230,000 Trading Penny Stocks | The Tim Sykes Show Part 1

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Roland Wolf came out of nowhere and turned $4,000 into over $230,000 in a year by taking it one trade at a time. Find out how he did it. Subscribe here to get INSTANT alerts when I post a new video outlining my penny stock trading techniques:

1:30 This guy came out of the blue in the last few months. You’ll see him in the chat rooms giving good patterns and good commentary. I’m proud to introduce you to a guy who has turned $4,000 into over $230,000 in a year. I am proud to introduce you to Roland Wolf.

3:00 I grew up in Scottsdale, AZ born and raised. I grew up playing soccer, and I never imagined I’d get into stock trading.

4:30 I would take the small amount of money I had, and I would buy stock. I didn’t do well, so I started doing research, and I came across Tim, and I started researching day trading. I was skeptical at first.

7:30 All I was doing at the beginning was watching his daily video lessons. I realized that I needed to study more so I bought the Trading Tickers DVD and How to Make Millions DVD. After watching those, it opened my mind, and I realized that I needed to learn as much as possible.

10:30 I had one screen and I was trying to trade on it, I didn’t have any scanners, I was just chasing stocks around and listening to what everyone was saying in the chat room, and that didn’t work very well.

12:50 I just started using VWAP a couple of months ago, and it’s the only indicator on any of my charts at this point. It’s volume weighted average price.

15:30 I wake up early so I can watch the news and come up with a plan before the market opens. I used just to wing it, but I had a lot of failures. Having a plan for your day is important when you’re day trading.

18:30 The longest I typically hold a stock is one night and then I”m out in the morning.

20:00 I couldn’t join the millionaire challenge initially because I didn’t have enough money. I tried to give it a go on my own but I wanted to take my skills to the next level, and that’s when I joined the challenge.

23:00 My wife would get upset because I’ve been spending all of my time studying the stock market. But she’s been super supportive because she knows that I love trading and I love learning the stock market.


Isaiah Zuniga says:

Great video thanks Tim and Roland!

Donnie Reid says:

Great video sir. I needed to hear that after losing a bit! I’m back on the horse 🐎!

The Forex Trader Evangelist says:

how can you be a stock trader interviewer and not know what VWAP is…

Elisabeth ann says:

since i have started trading,i have never seen a man like Mr Williams,i have lost so much to scammers until the day i contacted Mr Williams and he help me with his great winning strategy, thank you Mr Williams and God bless you sir

Christopher Jose says:

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Bigpapa039 says:

Where do is traders look for the news on stocks in the morning? Is there a specific app or website?

JJ Malvarez says:

Great Video Guys!!! Thank you for the insights and the motivation. Wolf is prove that with sacrifice, hard work and and the right mentor anyone can do this…Keep them coming Master Sykes.

Seth Fenby says:

Awesome video!

Vincenzo Migliaccio says:

Thank you so much Roland. Every time I watch one of your videos or interviews some golden nuggets on the way you trade are revealed and enrich my knowledge a little further. I hope you could soon make your own DVD/s and share your knowledge even more.

Danny Gomz says:

These type of videos help so much! so many hidden lessons, awesome video.

Oinotna Iramida says:

Thank Tim,great Ronald … and a pleasure to see you again, we hope to see you more often

Anzelle Whitsett says:

It is awesome that Roland is sharing his journey. I see parallels in his early struggles. Knowing that a great trader he has become, gives me inspiration that the success is possible. Great interview and format.

Mike Taylor says:

Thanks Tim and Roland for this video. So many things Roland talks about are the exact same emotions and challenges I have come through as well. You and Roland are so inspirational and I know you are both real and your gains and losses are also real as I get to chat with you in the Challenge course and see all your verified trades within the community. Thanks Mike aka Teyrex

Stock Pumpers says:

Very nice interview the only thing I did not like was that the person asking the question was not a fellow trader or someone into it, every time one of these guys agree to do an interview I take it as a great opportunity because they don't have to so if we as viewers get the chance to see this the best would be to have a host that has our best interests at heart. I am not complaining as this is FREE, But next time if a fellow trader like Mr. Tim Bowen or anybody else could do the interview I believe most of us could get the bests value out of it, never less i took many notes and I thank you tim for doing this interviews with successful and consistent day traders 🙂

Constantin Ungureanu says:

Well done Roland 😉

Andrea Comelli says:

Love it! Always inspirational listen to Roland! Thank you!

DelPasand says:

I love how different you are comparing your students and they can make it.It's a freaking confirm on solidity of your knowledge and coaching.Cheers Tim

Blessed Family says:

I like it !! It's going to be Awesome and very inspirational ✌💗


now this is more like it tim! great video . this is what we want. big thanks

Lucas Lopes says:

Algum brasileiro aqui?

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