How My Student Roland Turned $4,000 into $230,000 Trading Penny Stocks | The Tim Sykes Show Part 2

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Tim’s student, Roland Wolf, is on his way to becoming a millionaire trading penny stocks. Subscribe here to get INSTANT alerts when I post a new video outlining my penny stock trading techniques:

2:00 My wife understood what I was trying to do and that I was already seeing results trading penny stocks and that I loved trading.

4:00 Two or three months after I started trading penny stocks I was making far more than I was at my regular 9-5.

6:00 It’s been a whirlwind, I trade penny stocks every day, I grind every day. I have to grind while I can.

8:00 The stock market conditions have been favorable, but I feel like I’ve developed the skills I need to be successful trading penny stocks in any market.

10:00 I grew up doing taekwondo, and my master taught me discipline. Attitude is everything. Discipline is everything when you’re trading penny stocks.

12:00 The first green day on a bounce, I love those plays. I love dip-buying penny stocks.

14:00 I usually find that the panic is more powerful, but you can always catch a little bit of the bounce.

16:00 If you look at my penny stock trades for the first six months, very rarely did I have a trade where I lost more than $100.

18:00 Penny stock trading is not rocket science. It’s putting work in; it’s like anything in life you have to put the work in.

20:20 I enjoy helping other people. I want to be remembered for passing my stock market trading knowledge on to others.

22:00 I don’t ever want to allow one penny stock trade to wipe me out. Slow and steady wins the race. I’m comfortable with the money I’m making.

23:00 It makes me uncomfortable when people say I’ve inspired them but if I have an answer and I can help someone out I will help any way that I can.


Cesar Borrego says:

Props to you Roland! Thank you for this inspirational video and all your advise!

Liam Tanner says:

I will take Roland Wolf's word for it and put in more of my time until I can make it a habit. Anyways, look out Tim, you're going to get another fantastic student coming out of Arizona!

lance pheng says:

damb Tim and his students are at the forefront

citopz says:

Roland is so fucking humble it just makes me happy to know there is still good genuine people out there

Moflyboy Blanquito says:

I can watch this over and over.

Sharon Garcia says:

Thank you, Roland and Tim. Great advice….study study study and minimize your risk! I'm looking forward to joining the challenge one day!!

Brianna Thompson says:

Wow extremely good matter.

William Loppes says:

Nice! I appreciate your humbleness Roland!

benni MAIER says:

you even have a verified FOREX TRADER (Fatbeetrader) on!!!
he performed out your best studends…that´s a fact!!!!

benni MAIER says:

your Society Vision is ridiculous!!!

benni MAIER says:

A few make it.The rest all loose!!!no matter which market (penny stock or forex) doesnt matter!!
You Keep running with the winners SYKES!!! you can´t Change the 90% loosers!!!

Ryan McGuigan says:

Tim, Roland, and Glenn thanks for the interview! Great stuff, really appreciate all of your knowledge Roland!

Bluesmurf says:

If you want to make money, you have to trade against the retail trader, as they loose 90% of their capital. Keep your risk tight, let your profits run as far as you can, you can do it, anyone can do it, let the ego die, focus only on the process, edge etc, do not focus on the result, even if you give money to the market. Keep a record of a sample of 20-50 trades, and as long as your average winners are greater then your average losers, then you CAN make money. But manage your RISK.

Trevor Capps says:

Thanks for the information Roland keep making them gains!!

Trevor Capps says:

I feel you Roland. My woman always telling me to come to bed damn market

Marco Garcia says:

Sorry, but how much does your course cost?

TED Voice says:

Great show! I can listen to it all day…

George M. says:

such an inspiration to hear this guy man….

Flock Ü says:

When's part 3 comin out

Ernesto Zavala says:

People keep complaining "we saw this already" ok and? Keep watching keep learning ingrain it into your brain until you get to the top so you can tell your "different story"

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