How My Top Student Made $52,000 Yesterday (Most Important Video Of The Year)

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This is by far the most important video lesson of the year as it’s not just about the $52,000 that Tim G. made yesterday, but about the proper mindset/perspective you need to be able to profit like this in one day and how to be my next millionaire student…it takes time and dedication and perseverance…are you up for it?


Jorge Vasquez says:

How long before Grittani passes up Sykes in net worth? pretty soon I bet!! Good job Tim!!!

Leck Mich says:

Hey Tim, gonna finish HTMM today and will instantly continue with your free guide on traderchecklist. Thanks and greetz from Germany!

austin sanders says:

you guys are so (TIM)spiring.. sorry i'm lame

Francisco Hidalgo says:

awesome, I'll try to do thesame thing today

Devan Velo says:

Thanks Tim, can we do this on UK shares like AIM? Does your lessons also focus on UK markets?

Carlos Fuentes says:

I've been reading books about the market all year, and I can honestly say the Trader Checklist is excellent. I've got my Challenge interview later today. I hope to be on the team soon, Tim!

Bmx Lyfe says:

I watched CANN from the time that the news came out. It was such a perfect crash!!

Hunter Hammonds says:

Learn Tim's strategy!!!

Doiucbklse says:

CPS is 50,000 minimum these days I believe :)

Philipp w says:

I love all your videos 🙌🏼
Thank you so much Tim for sharing this all to us

DroidSage says:

Tim grattini is the best trader i've seen .. i bought his course too which is very good.

Spliff The Reepa says:

been studying for 2 years papertrading and saving to put $1500 in my account. i have $50 in it so far, lol. poor as fuck trying to trade hahaha. but ill get there mothafuckaaa

XxdartvaderxX says:

Very cool! trying to make 50,000 right now so i can start shorting! :)

Silver Bullet says:

Great video as always tim! Thanks for all the help you always give us! :)

Noah Jackson says:


Metalman says:

That is freaking awesome great job

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