How My Top Students Make $900,000+ (1+ Hour Free Webinar)

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My top students like and are making six and seven figures in this current market environment, so please watch this webinar and take notes as I want more millionaire students


jeanine davis says:

Hey Tim. I watched until the end. How do I get to watch a live trade in Italy? Great video. It was much simpler this time

Erick Lewis says:

I'm so ready to dive into this.

Eston Kimere says:

Now today learn…..

Nu Deziner says:

You are so motivational. I love to listen to you . I lost 10k through trading but I'm not losing hope yet . I will slowly learn from the best.

Temitayo Bankole says:

What if your only 13

Bryan Voon says:

Holy sh*t I just watched the whole thing without noticing #focus

Ismael Hernandez says:

Great Webinar,

darkeest says:

im not ur student yet , but u already are part of my life , ty so much for sharing ur mindset , and knowledge , im so happy to find you on internet , soon , i will be ur new millionaire student , love u (no homo) , im training my english skills with ur videos , and financials advices xD ty so much <3

Kamel El-Cheikh says:

tim is aveo still good right now?

Patrick Mitchell says:

Excited for the next video lesson. This stuff excites me.

Chris Arellano says:

I've been working on spotting good catalysts but the most tradeable stocks lately shouldn't be spiking on the news they have. $AEZS ran up because they APPLIED with the FDA. So crazy.

CHINO says:

I am an univeristy student and work part time. I have been looking at your videos to understand how to trade stocks. Great work!

austinogg says:

Tim youre a god among men, Thank you so much- austin ogg

omegagrayknight says:

i had to take a break from your how to make millions dvd set, so i watched this video. great video. i have watched several of your videos and the scary part is i am starting to see patterns. the two tops lessons i have learned 1. cut loses quickly 2. study study study. time to get back to how to make millions
. thanks for all of the great info.


Another video lesson down

TED Voice says:

You're literally a living legend

Jon Richard says:

This popped up on my feed! FREE WEBINAR!! Thank you so much Tim! 😀

uzernam3 says:

This is true. I live here in NYC and I worked in the Wall St. area a little while back. They'll call you a poor peasant if you tell them about making $4 Million lol. Overall, IMO as long as you know how to manage your money well even $500K can be a great achievement.

Zain Ali says:

I think i finally understand everything you have teached so far. Like i know what your going to say before you say it. Now i just have to translate this into market success! Thanks Tim.

Robert Paulo says:

This video inspires me

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