How not to fear a market crash or sell off for 2018 or later. 5 easy Rules to follow.

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5 easy steps I follow to prepare myself financially, so you don’t have to worry about or fear a financial sell off or crash.
Rules I live by and follow every day towards financial freedom.

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JohnnyBGood11 says:

One can do this:, make your monthly payments then during the month go to your bank and toss an extra 200 or 300 on your house payment, those "extra payments" you make on top of your regular monthly payment goes to 100% Principal because you're still making your monthly payments…I did that with my car loan….my first car loan was 9.7% borrowed $7300 from the bank…payments were 205 a month I started to make some extra money started to toss 500 dollars on my loan one month then another 700 plus my regular payments. bank had me financed for 30 months I paid my loan off on my 18th payment saved over 700 dollars in interest because I would always do an amortization schedule to see the interest I was paying with each payment.

JohnnyBGood11 says:

Wall Street is going to be soooo protected this next time around with trillions on the sidelines plus the government can just shut the market down if a freefall starts…so many excuses,,…computer glitch..ohh people of America it's Russian, North Korea, China, Iran, Syria Hackers <<< take your pick on that…if they are really desperate the government can do a false flag and have someone or some people shoot up Wall Street, to cause a crash to blame it on and/or the government can shut the market down for 3 or 4 days…look for something to happen on a Thursday because Wall Street and the Fed will look at Friday to see how bad things are and have the weekend to stop the freefall and have a plan for Monday's open or extend the closing of the market to think of a good excuse the public will buy<<< get it BUY.

TokyoRealEstateMan 渋谷 says:

I been buying some classic cars too-I like them and I use them to advertise my business in Tokyo and they are gonna keep moving up too

TokyoRealEstateMan 渋谷 says:

Nikei is finally breaking out after basing for years-inflation is happening even in Japan. go long global blue-chip and quality real estate no brainer

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