How Penny Stock Pumpers Work

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Can you tell the difference between a veteran trader and a penny stock pumper? If you’re serious about your financial education, you need to learn why you should STAY AWAY from pumpers. They’re only harmless if you’re a smart trader. Watch and learn!

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As I’m filming this, the Dow is down nearly 700 points — today’s overall market is nasty.

But there were still a few big winners in this market. The one I zoned in on was Artificial Intelligence Tech Solutions (OTCMKTS: $AITX). This thing went up 200% on the day!

Even though it was the biggest winner for me, I missed the meat of the move. I sold too soon.

In fact, my trading has been so sloppy lately. And I know what you’re probably thinking — how can I be trading sloppy if my reported gains are so good?

Well, there are way too many opportunities right now. It’s almost impossible for me to not catch at least a few good trades.

Here, I’ll show you all the big runners from today — despite the ugly downtrend in the overall stock market. It’s incredible that it’s been happening that way throughout this year.

I’ll also tell you about the differences between veteran traders and pumpers — please beware! And ignore the pumpers’ ridiculous rules.

They’ll say things like, “it’s only a loss if you sell.” Now, that’s technically true. But NOT cutting losses quickly when stock is tanking? That’s just begging to blow up your account. It’s just stupid.

Don’t mistake this video or my message — I still want pumpers to pump. And honestly, it doesn’t matter if this round of pumpers goes away … A new batch will pop up. They’re like weeds in the penny stock market.

But I want newbies following me and my trading rules to be educated and to rise above the pumped stocks.

And it’s really sad that pumpers prey on the financially naïve. But this is why I expose them when I can. So, please, tune in to save yourself from buying into the pumped garbage.

After watching this video, if you know why you shouldn’t follow pumper rules… Leave a comment below and say, “All these stocks are junk. 😊”

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Timothy Sykes says:

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After watching this video, if you know why you shouldn’t follow pumper rules… Leave a comment below and say, “All these stocks are junk. 😊”

Lubosi Maboshe says:

I like these junk stocks.. 😀

Kate Christie says:

All these stocks are junk 😀

Samuel Colt says:

Pumpers do that to other stocks too, not only "penny stocks". They do exactly same pumps to $2-10 stocks. As soon as low float permits them to manipulate.

tortureyou says:

I worked at CBOT from 92 to 2008. The reason you see so many day trading videos from glorified snake oil salesmen is they realized it isn't as profitable as pumping up a youtube account with hopeful subs that crank up the viewing hours and increase the channels income. There is a big difference between a trader with 100k in hardware, a million dollar bankroll who can cost average down as much as they want, using an offshore brokerage account using incredible leverage ratios and the common Joe trying to turn 500 bucks into a million. I feel bad that so many are getting sucked in. Doesn't anyone ever stop and think if learning patterns, technicals, and patience was so easy that there might be a dedicated major for it at the Ivy League Business schools? On the trading floor we used to call this picking up pennies in front of a steamroller. Eating like a bird and shitting like a horse, etc etc. I'm not trolling I'm just trying to inject reality before more people lose money. The only people that have a hope and a prayer are those with huge bankrolls and it will always be that way. Will a few make it big? A very small % will, just like a few people beat the house at the casino. Please don't get sucked in. You are much better off allocating a portion of your income each month into mid cap growth stocks with strong balance sheets and unique skillsets that are poised to come out of the corona lockdown stronger than they went in. Invest in balance sheets, cash flow, revenue growth, management, forward guidance, etc not on the last 3 candles of a dang chart. I lost 180k during the internet bubble thinking I could beat the system as well. Learned a lesson and since then have put 15% into 401k each year with a moderate portion going towards tech growth and high yield dow 30s. Sorry this went longer than I anticipated, I just hope someone might read this and think twice from a 30 year options trader who has seen one too many friends take their life because they lost their house and family chasing a dollar.

alex mwenda says:

i like these junk stocks 🙂

Lisa Delawder says:

How do you trade OTC? I use RH I know it sucks.

Manny Trip says:

Stock scanner ??

JC Trade says:

Trading is exhausting, I don't know how you keep up man. 🤘👽

Onyebigua Ogboi says:

Tim, how do i get the Stock Breaking News Tool?

Randall Mccrillis says:

All these stocks are junk thanks Tim!

Dave Kawatra says:

I like junk stocks 🙂

saurav kumar says:

all these stocks will crack🤪

Aanko Rai says:

Thanks Tim! Your Market Mistery 2020 Live Sessions have been awesome 🙂

rrbuda67 says:

All these stocks are junk😂👽🤡🧿👁

Avinash Meena says:

i like these junk stocks 🙂

JuanCarlos Diaz says:

the processes to understand these predictable patterns

JG Ron says:

Al these STOCKS are BASURA junk worthless value -300 for In and out snipers ONLY !! Not a challenge student here yet but I get it. If Great companies with top financials and great fundamentals con go Kaput, these pennies stocks are for smart getting rich from the dummies. Cheers Tim. JohnnyG twitter @johnnygerland 🙂

Ajay Meena says:

these stocks are JUNKK!!!! ….tim when will we get to see you interviewing tim grittani and steven dux together..! 🙂

o says:

dux is up 1 mill this month

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