How Professional Traders REALLY Make Money In The Stock Market

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In this video, Chris Dunn shows you the difference between rookie and professional traders. It’s important to develop the habits of successful traders, and strive to put the odds in your favor.


Bengely Frangi says:


Kosteri x says:

nice words and overall not applicable.

Tiger Jackson says:

Once I figure out a system I will post a useful video for beginners.

Tiger Jackson says:

I didn't get much out of this video that I can use. Why doesn't anyone doing this videos give any practical advise.

Brutal Gamez says:

You know the secret , you say you are good. But you make videos and im guessing there not all free. If you are so good and dont give me that i want to help people out speach becouse this time you spend on videos if you spend it on the stocks you would make more money 😀 Anyways lets get back on track, if you know the secret and tell everyone why the fuck arent you a billionaire but ill still accept a couple hundred mil too :)

Learn Day Trading Fast says:

I have never found a consistently profitable full time trader that has told me that they got there through luck. All followed these simple rules or steps. 1. They acquired the knowledge
 2. Once they had the acquired knowledge they developed their experience
 3. The above two steps are of no use unless the trader is willing to put in the hard work I can honestly say that there is no substitute for hard work and that there are no short cuts to becoming a professional and competent trader. In reality, self-education requires both commitment and work. An educated trader, however, understands the importance of a trading plan, how to analyze a share in order to know why they are buying and selling, and how they will manage the trade. Most importantly, they also implement strong money management rules such as stop loss and position sizing to ensure they minimize risk and maximize profits.

World Sports says:

Hello Chris, I want to do whatever you do I really want to learn. I am a very slow learner I know zip about the stock market but I have the ambition and the strive to better myself in all ways i know what I am capable of however the knowledge is lacking on behalf I need a mentor 

Kevin Dels says:

Chris I have a question. Is it possible that when I start with 500€ on my account, that I can become a millionaire or at least earning 100.000€?

Batmunkh Namshir says:

Hi I'm 15 years old I'm interested in stock can u give me some advice 

Make Money Trading Stocks says:

Professional traders make money in the market by probabilities not by sure thing as you explained in this trade. there is no sure thing. you buy from support line and you think it will work forever. you are also chasing the market. trading from the support you should attempt many times until you succeed one. so chances are in terms of probabilities is you lose more than you win. the best way to make money is to have good profits in few trades and little losses in other trades. and that is my friend all what you should do. thanks and have a nice week end and thanks for sharing. 

Darude Sandstorm says:

Yo, I`m 16 and I`m watching Twitter stock markets… I`m asking that if I buy 1 share that costs 40$ and it`s going up to 47$ now…is that even worth it, if I just want to buy new iPhone or so, can I really make 400$ from 40$?
Just look at it…hope you understand what was I asking :P

iwillslapu22 says:

chris what type of strategy scanner are you using? i notice you had the MACD and momentum on the bottom were you also using that to find your entry?

Lucille B. Fortune says:

I am using a secret strategy to profit in Stock market. If you are beginner and want to invest in stock market then mail me personally to know the secret.

Tim Warren says:

Simply Perfect Video!!!

saurav shrestha says:

Why the price of bitcoin is falling down?

Md: Mahbubur Rahman says:

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Ace Symmetric says:

great video chris

Josh V says:

Thanks man, this helped alot! I'll be sure to subscribe!

Daniel Roe says:

Great presentation! What presenting software are you using? Great content, dude

Jean Carlos says:

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