How The Professionals Manipulate Penny Stocks: Secrets Revealed

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How the Professional Manipulate Penny Stocks: Secrets Revealed


Kassim Salazar says:

very good videos i like them..
thanks for sharing and teaching us– the new stock traders!..

Roberto Espinoza says:

you have some great videos

Make Money Trading Stocks says:

Yes true. but no promoter is stupid to get caught. That is why all the time these promoters have a warning notice in their websites telling the traders or investors that there a big risk to lose all your money. So to protect themselves. And of course there are a lot of scams especially penny stocks. because mutual funds do not buy these small issues because they are tiny and have no financial records to justify their choice of choosing the stock and its company. Thanks

ThePumpAnd DumpChannel says:

Sometimes the promoter gets insider information from the management of the company too and they say they know that the company will issue a certain press release saying something material. I think you should be able to sue the management to get your money back in this case because they treated someone preferential to all other shareholders and potential shareholders.

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