How the Stock Market Sell-Off Is Impacting ETFs

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Feb.28 — Bloomberg Intelligence’s Athanasios Psarofagis discusses how the recent stock market sell-off is impacting exchange-traded funds. He speaks with Bloomberg’s Guy Johnson and Vonnie Quinn on “Bloomberg Markets.”


Victor Hugo says:

this oil crash, will really take Brazil out, they just bought there own 100 billion dollar petrobras tender, with state money for an asset that was already their´s and they can´t extract deep ocean .. gulp .. RIP Brazil

j says:

looks more like 1929

HARIPRASAD K 15BME0544 says:

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B Aviation says:

Why does everybody say "rite" after everything they say now its anew thing it drives me nuts! Mark Cuban says it so much.

felicetanka says:

Capitalist state/state capitalist

human zalez says:

I hope you all lose your money no matter the party

Emperor'sNewClothes says:

February 28th – World Health Organization (WHO) is now worsening its risk assessment of the coronavirus to a “very high” on the global level. The virus has already spread to at least 48 countries besides its hotbed, China.

Make that 54 countries now and counting…

Vincent Greene says:

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WS Intern says:


MisterTracks says:

nice content

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