How the Stock Market Works… EXPLAINED!

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Understanding the stock market is super important! Let’s discuss what the stock market is, how to invest in stocks, and how the heck stocks (and dividends) can make you money. Also we time travel to the future to show you why, if you do it right, putting money in the stock market can be WAY better than putting it in a savings account. So, there’s that.

Ahoy! This video is a “basics” primer for more detailed episodes in the future. (For instance, we hope to cover preferred vs common stocks, index and mutual funds, bonds, and others.)

In the meantime, remember: Only invest money you won’t need for a few years, and the key to success is diversification.

Thanks, and DFTBA!

– The How to Adult Crew

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Nathan Talbott

Executive Producers:
Hank & John Green


jason bergeron says:

i would like to hear about these investment funds I hear about all the time!!

Shaved Beaver says:

Ya'll weird af

nixi panda says:

So corny!!! :/ it was hard to go through the video, thanks for the infos though that's all I care about!

italkshyt14 says:

Thanks for the information. Now I will take over the world. Muhahahahaaa!!

Financial, Business & Stocks Analysis and Reviews says:

Nice video. I love the time travel part

Daw says:

It's C.E. not A.D.

Bromius says:

I will describe all the information in this video for you without the fluff… Stocks make money

Aakash Singhal says:

please explain slowly

Sonia Twedt says:

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Aldemar.g Garcia says:

You guys are Awsome

Adam Osborn says:

Literally one of the most sincere best videos I have seen on YouTube and I am 30. You guys seem great! Great energy!

Carrie Lawrence says:

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Ali Alis says:

you people are the best

Aa Mm says:

how do you sell stock

Jason McDonald says:

You guys are dorks. loved it. hope to find someone i can be a dork with in life. thanks for the video!

Doudley Millenium says:

Great video as always guys thank you

Isaac GRk says:

I really love how these two have the channel name "How to ADULT", then I laugh at the chronochopper/time-travel thing, before I realise, how they're still 700 times more intelligent than I am, so I continue eating my Ben&Jerry's Cinnamon Buns while crying in the corner with my bottle of 420% alcohol(just don't ask).

Brian Gardner says:

Cheesy ass video. Stick to the relevant info.

rudy torres says:

so I'm terrible at math but can u try to simply explain how 10% amounted to an 11,000$ difference ? thanks

MrCFO1986 says:

What do y'all think about binary options?

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