How This Options Trading Strategy Made Me 660% In 1 Trade?

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Hi and welcome to another video of Trading With Smartrader. In this video I talk about How this options trading strategy made me 660% in 1 trade. When trading options it is important to follow a strategy that works. The PEG strategy is a great beginners strategy to trade options in the stock market. You can make a decent amount of profit by using this PEG strategy. You can also day trade options using this strategy as well.

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SmarTrader says:

Did you trade facebook?

Kenneth Morrison says:

Volume is pretty low on this stock, does it matter?

ST says:

Thank you for the video again!

Craig Lan says:

$1 to $6.6 is 560% gain, not 660%

Victor Stroganov says:

How does one find companies with good earnings?

MrArcelton says:

It's nice to see the enthusiasm of so many young people playing this game. Keep in mind it is just a game. You should not count on making a fortune this way. You have a better chance of becoming a star athlete then making significant money trading options. Good luck to all.

Srinivas Yarramsetti says:

It just a vertical spread. Nothing new about strategy. You got lucky with Instagram video feed launch news. Next in list is Boeing. Get a spread 200 and 210. You will get another 900.

Erick D says:

How do you choose strikes and expiration for these earnings plays?

Brandon Tyler says:

Keep posting good content for many months then I'll sub. Be careful with option trades in this market. What seems like a pattern for a few months can quickly change

Pay Now Buy Later says:

Can we use this strategy even when a stock gaps up without earnings release?

Hasanul Musanna says:

If a stock meets all your matrix, how many days of exploration do you usually buy?

Richard Branson says:

It's really good at the beginning

A Javid says:

Isn't it true that stocks that gap often return to cover the gap before continuing with the trend?

Sundara wong says:

Do you trade ever use Naked Put or Protective Puts ? What Delta do you often use in all your trades? Thanks in advance.

Chris Carbo says:

This is great and super helpful. Could you clarify if number 5 – stock run up multiple days, do you wait for number 5 to happen first before making a play?

Lowanthal says:

FSLY crashed because of their connection to Tick Tock being their biggest customer. If they get banned they loss major income, if MSFT buys they loss major income.

charlene jones says:

Do you trade on robinhood

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