How To Adapt To Summer Trading + Free Penny Stock Webinar Announcement

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Register for my FREE June 21st webinar at so you to can adapt to the changing market conditions of summer…as DEST proved yesterday, big spikes are still possible if you know what to look for and on this FREE webinar I’ll also be revealing my 10 best stocks to watch this summer!

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0:10 I want to go over my latest trade on DEST. I did some things right. I did some things wrong. This was a classic kind of summer play and I am hereby announcing a free webinar on June 21st.

0:30 The past few years, summer has actually been amazing. You just have to adapt and you have to recognize the change. I am giving this free webinar June 21st, just a few days from now, so that you can be fully prepared for July, August, and even into September too. I’ll go over how you need a little bit of a different trading plan, the dos and the don’ts, and the cool thing, cause I know you guys love getting my watch list, I’m going to give 10 stocks that I think will be pretty good summer kinds of plays.

3:20 There were many dips along the way and I was more than happy to sell near the morning highs even though I didn’t capture anywhere near as much profit as I probably should have.

4:21 I want to teach you how to spot these stocks ahead of time. I want to teach you how to recognize the indicators and put it together because there were a few stocks that I could have bought yesterday morning before, or near, or after the market opened and I only went with this one.

5:30 If you just stick with the same strategy, the same patterns, the same rules, that you’ve been using over the past few months, you will not do well in the summer months. This is your warning.

5:45 Thank you guys for all the nice comments about DEST and my other recent plays and performance, it means the world to me, so I want to pay it back and help you guys spot these big winners again.
Click the link just below this video and I will see you guys in the chatroom and I’ll see you on this webinar June 21st. Mark your dates:

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Dwayne M says:

Thank you Tim for the Free Webinar! I won't sign-up, as this would be my 2nd as #MMP Student, only because I have a dentist appointment at Market Open and work in the afternoon. May some other up & coming trader make good use of that spot/space! Much Success to everyone on this Journey. #BeHumble #StudythePast

Alexin Andre says:

Thank you sooo much Sensei!! I cant wait for the WEBINAR!!! 🙂

Catherine Montoya says:

Thanks Tim 👼👼👼

James Lesesne says:

Had a hard time on dest got in at about 4.73 and sold at 4.75 but was impatient and missed it going up to 5. Still learning and studying!

splashdownmodels says:

Awesome video lesson Thanks Tim

tinyboy2006 says:

Niceeeeeee..Thanks T

Danny Kean says:

I guess i know the answer but have you ever invested in bitcoin?

Indian Man says:

What chart program is Tim using in all his videos?

Serge Mal says:

What time are you doing the free webinar sir, bcoz I live in the UK?

nanomantube says:

Thanks Tim for the video and free webinar. Signed up!

Dofl Pks says:

Hey Tim. Great job on Dest! Beautiful multi-day break-out pattern straight from penny-stocking part duex & trading tickers. You have played a huge roll in my current trading, I love being wimpy and conservative. Looking forward to your free webinar!

Arnau Gonza says:

wow great consitency TIM.💪

Jason Williams says:

Thanks Tim. I just signed up for the Webinar. I will be in Colorado at the Olympic wrestling training facility with my son, but won't miss your webinar..

Alex Winkler says:

3x to trade:

1. Morning spikes or panics (worth dip buying)

2. Midday chop (ideally avoid)

3. Afternoon potential breakouts

Awesome videos Tim always full of eastereggs.

Blake Phillips says:

I'm registered!

Cindy D says:

cannot wait on june 21st! Merci beaucoup!

Tradutores Conservadores says:

Do you work with forex too?

Joseph Zinser says:

Thanks again for all the great training you provide! Any thoughts on PLFX today?

kevin flynn says:

ill be there

Defiant GTI says:

happy happy joy joy !

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