How To Become My Next Big Success Story

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Go signup at to register for my conference, we opened up 50 extra seats, which is now down to like 30 open spots in the few hours it took me to get this video up since I’ve been traveling for my TED Talk later this week, see more info and definitely come if you’re in the Sydney, Australia area!


NeverFail Gaming says:

Wow Roland gets up at 4am and i thought 5am was tough (for me)

ishmael ndayi says:

Thank you Tim…you rock

ZINJ says:

I live in Botswana (Africa)…despite the fact that you live practically on the other side of the world you've been a wealth of inspiration…much love

Daredevilike says:

Great video, Love the truth and inspired to keep working hard



scottystrading says:

Preparation is key to your success thanks Tim 🙂

Cade Mantke says:

Can't wait to join the challenge

Dhagaweyne media says:

Hi I have been trying to apply and I missed one time and Chris hasn't called me.
When I tried to reach him, it hasn't worked so far.
Plz try to reach me.

jon j says:

Great vid! Can you give me some insight because ETrade's OptionHouse option unfortunately has no level 2 and I cannot afford ETrade Pro, so I believe I am going to open an account with TD Think or Swim because I do not have enough to open the minimum for IB. Is TOS ideal for a small starter account? Thank you again

Karim Almordaah says:

Can we live stream your Ted talks or watch it on youtube after??

slimdan says:

Congrats on making it on Ted! Like the way you bluntly talk. No fucks giving.

Nico Gloria says:

Will the conference be streamed or recorder?

Than Chau says:

Hi Tim. I am very pleasure to come across your video on Facebook. I'm so excited after reviewing the interview with your students. I wish to be one of your student in the future. Thank you so much for sharing the information to the world. you're the best Tim. God Bless you and yours.

jeanine davis says:

Tim. When I googled how to make millions DVD it says it was on sale. It took me to website. How long is this sale going on? I get played friday

Enlighten says:

I worry that too many people will learn this and negate its effect. Then again, I had the same concern when I was learning to become a pickup artist. Turned out being successful at pickup was SO difficult that it basically weeded out all the half hearted attempts and I blew it up, made major successes. It's pretty simple, you wanna succeed you have to become obsessed, period.

Joanne Smith says:

Sucks when I can't get a good broker from the UK, all commissions cost at least $25 in and $25 out. Btw, did you find any students in London for your London millionaire challenge?

*Æ Æ* says:

That's dope

Lars683 says:

If u ever come To The Gold Coast il shout u pizza!

Got the How To make maillions…savin to purchase the Trading tickers and SEC filings…SUPER EXCITEDDD!

MyAcresOfDiamonds says:

Thank you master tim

Omar Farooq says:

How has Tim not already done a ted talk?? The knowledge is real ????

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