How To Build A Winning Watchlist With Tim Grittani

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You need to listen to this very special interview with my top student, Tim Grittani, who has turned $1,500 into over $7 million dollars.*

In this video, Tim [Grittani] will talk about the importance of watchlists. He takes you through his process of building a watchlist — how he uses scanners, what he looks for, and how he prioritizes stocks to create a trading plan.

There are no exact guidelines to follow for building a watchlist. Everybody is different. Everybody has different setups that they’re looking for. Which is why it’s so important to learn from successful traders like Tim.*

It wasn’t easy. It didn’t happen overnight. Learn from his journey.

How do you build your watchlist? Leave a comment below.

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Hannah Davies says:

Really liked this video! Thank you!

Stavros Ioulianou says:

i really like how simple and easy to understand is Tim Grittani explaining his plan/strategy

Dean O'Connor says:

Man … I needed this, thank you TG.

80 Slim Shady's says:

My god you never explain HOW to study the past, what the hell am I looking for, where do you go to study the past? Am i just looking at the candlesticks go up and down?

juancarlos sanchez says:

FINALLY !!! I finally understand !!

triviumd13 says:

Man I wish I could afford the millionaire challenge. But Im still motivated and learning

Nhincaigi says:

lol many ppl work with Tim have same name with him. fun?

Nhincaigi says:

do i need to have 25k to have right to trade and, i use like 2000 to trade only.

Henry Craig says:

Knowledge supports growth.

Oinotna Iramida says:

thanks Tim 1 and Tim 2……

Be happy says:

I basically do the same thing.. Good vid..

David Simpson says:

Thanks Tim’s I would like to get new ideas sound great to me.

Wade Anderson says:

That was a awesome video. Thank you guys..

pratik shah says:

can i trade penny stocks from UK ?

Cruz PT says:

Dawg. My nigga Tim really ouchea drippin in da Gucci. I see you Guru🔥 💪🏾

Spade Trader says:

Yes!!!!!!! Love this video. So raw so real so helpful. Thank you!!

Corey Sullivan says:

Thanks for the videos I'm up 30% on profits with a very small account just picking small things out of your videos. Thanks

David says:

learned more in this 5 min video than watching 20 of his long rant videos
Straight to the point!

Stock Market 101 - Stock Market Videos says:

Great video my man

Chia Lor says:

Good video, probably more geared towards newer traders than more experienced traders. Every experienced trader will already have customized their scanners to the type of stock characteristics they are looking for in the market. As an experienced trader, I would be highly interested in hearing a highly profitable trader go over their stock characteristic they tend to trade and what they look for when they do find one(s) that meet their criteria, their execution plan, risk/reward, how they intend price action to react at certain price levels, and the overall mentality of why it's grinding up or water falling.

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