How To Buy and Sell a Stock?

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The best way to buy a stock is to choose the limit order. You buy the stock by the ask. For selling you should use the market order because you want to exit quickly since may be the stock is going to fast down. Thanks for watching.


Ṽїηαƴ ḱυмαя says:

Hi, thanks for the video. I'm pursuing graduation. I wanna start trade myself, instead of working under some one after graduation. Can u please suggest some websites and articles to learn about trading from basics to pro level. Thank you.

Joshua Quirarte says:

So is this the same as penny stocks? What if I buy 10 stocks that are worth 3 dollars each so i invested 30 daollars, it goes up 1 dollar per stock, so would my profit be 10 dollars? Or does someone have to buy my stock in order for me to make a profit?

Ritesh Verma says:

I meant to say put a sell order not out a sell order. Oops

Ritesh Verma says:

What do I do for this. I bought a stock on thinkorswim paper money edition, I bought 100 shares at 2.83. It is trading at 2.81. So if it rises to 2.90 then my order will be fulfilled. But I do not know how to sell the stock. I want my money, I want my seven cents profit per share. How do I sell the stock do I out a sell order at like 2.92?

Prem Vachhani says:

I want to know , how to make a brokers Account ?

k3m505 says:

I am a college student and have $300 dollars I want to invest as soon as possible to save up for a travel fund. Any suggestions of where or how to invest it?

trent jenkins says:

thanks i needed this video guide , as i was not sure what price to sell at , an announcement just out after market closed from the stock that i invested in was shocking . that tip when selling that you can get cramped if there is a lot of selling probably saved me thousands cheers .

Claudio AGMFilho says:

Great video i am from Brazil Recife in south america and i really liked this video.

Valeriy Pavlochev says:

Hello, boys and Abdelkarim Rahmane! I am a day trader. Trades on the NYSE. I am Russian, live in Moscow. Prompt me please, some good sites on trade, on strategies and the psychology of trading. I'll read them and translate for Russian traders have Russia to exchange experiences. That would be very cool! I would be very grateful if you help!

clopez379 says:

Hi I'm new and inexperienced in the stock market. In fact this is the first lesson on trading I ever heard. Do you research the stocks before you buy? How do you avoid losing a lot of money?

byron powell says:

How do actually loose money when trading ?

byron powell says:

Where is the best online website to buy and sell stock?

Ticsco Campbell says:

I under stand everything you explain but when im selling a stock, are you saying i can sell it for more the value it is?

abdul elrowmeim says:

how is td ameritrade

TFtusave says:

I still don't know what stocks are , why buy them? , why sell them? , or how exactly do you make money from it.

Chris Kundi says:

Hello Good morning,

IS it true the American stock markets are controlled by the Jews?

Alexander Pakianathan says:

Hi I am Alex from singapore like to appreciate for the infomation from your video. can i know about trading gold . thanks

KidSpec says:

hi can I just email you for any questions? I'm very new to this stuff. 

123456789E? says:

What about penny stock or butterfly stock

TKD COW says:

What brokers do you suggest, and why? What do you think of Etrade?

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