How To Buy Penny Stocks Before A 200% Spike The Next Day

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My subscribers have now made over $1 million today since my buy alert & this video lesson on OHGI at $1.74 before the $4/share spike to $5.84, congrats to all longs! Apply at to learn to anticipate more of these spikes & maximize your profits when the next one comes around. Watch this video lesson repeatedly to see there were signs of today’s news/spike, you just have to know where to look!


Alex Ruan says:

is there such thing as playing too safely?
i saw the guy where he shorted $KBIO and he was -110k!
it just changed completely how I saw this market. you can literally go into extreme debt in the blink of an eye.

Mushwig Gasanow says:

Do u trade on Forex ? :)

Adrianna Desantos says:

what trading platform are you using?

Enescu Steven says:

Hey Tim and Commenters , Can anyone please help me ? I wanted to start on the E'TRADE . But its nit avalible to non US rezidents .. can anyone help me figuring out where to start ,, website ..program wise .. thank you for anyone trying to help !

Matt Yerkes says:

what software do you use?

Billy Piche says:

hello, I just funded my account…how do I take part in your morning chat rooms?

Quililo Contius says:

what program are you using for the chart?

Binbin Li says:

Best video everrrrrr! Tim, you're brilliant and a gooooooood fellow!!!! Love you! God bless!

iProjectify says:

Care to explain what is a morning spike and why does it happen?

Bebos World says:

what program or platform is this that your using to see all this?

Eshrekticism says:

What software is this you are using? I am looking to get into trading and am wondering what is the best software to buy/pay for monthly. Thanks

Nicholos summers says:

If I buy a share of a stock for 14 dollars, how do I calculate my returns?

Андрей Волков says:

Tim you are the one with whom I take an example . I am 14 years old and I have been trading on forex and on the stock exchange by your system and make a good profit . Thank you very much for vidio and for PUMP & DUMP

stephen m says:

Great advice Timothy, risk management is the key…

amon omar says:

see a hot penny stock go down or crash tomorrow on my Channel

Lex van den herik says:

What age are most of your students??

blackjack1481 says:

Excellent presentation, what engine are you using and is it available to the public, where can I find this engine?

RaphiEntertain says:

Great Video!! 

Patrik Stöö says:

When you said "there will most likely be some news announced next day" did you mean that usually companies announce some positive news during the presentation ?

arorts says:

Hey Tim,
Thanks for sharing!!
Just for my own understanding, what's approximately your average win/loss ratio using your methodology? where can I learn a bit more about your money management rules? 

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