How to Buy Penny Stocks Spikes at Open & Premarket $TNXP $CEI $CCCL $CIFS Trading Recap

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🔽Time stamps:
0:05 $OBSV penny stock gap up short. $CRWD IPO lockup expiry buy. $FTSV biotech hype long
6:21 $TCCO penny stock runner. $SFIX stock earnings short
9:52 $CEI penny stock low float runner. $CLVS dip buy
12:52 $TNXP penny stock runner long. $AMRX $TCCO buy
20:01 $CCCL penny stock long the dip. $AQST offering play $TNDM biotech hype

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Theme of this week seems to be that all the low float penny stocks will rip and run at the open and then dump, like $TCCO $CEI $TNXP $CCCL $CIFS.

So the key is definitely to long the momentum and volume breakout. Day trading set ups and patterns are not the holy grail to trading consistency. The key is to have the stock support and resistance lines drawn out and ready from the daily chart and react to the price action around those levels. Plan your trades and trade your plan.

📊Day trading strategies mentioned:

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TOP 4 Criteria before Buying a Penny Stock breakout
How to grow a small Account Day Trading?

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Humbled Trader says:

📣Did you guys long or short any of these penny stocks $CEI $CCCL $TNXP $CIFS?
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I love your commentary on the stock I wish you can keep the stock symbol on the screen as you’re talking because you can’t see the stock symbol

Holden Chandler says:

Did you make a video of using Benzinga to get low float stocks?

Donnie_Trump2020 says:

can you define all the acronyms you use? rewap what is that

Maria Galloway says:

It's sooo funny when you say these are PIGS!!! LOL!

Jeremy Seaman says:

Crappy penny stocks 😄 hilarious 🤣 so true… gotta be fast getting in and sell the dumping pig even quicker. Take quick profit and walk away 😂

NoMoBo says:

hi, first of all thank you so much for sharing all these very valuable videos, I am trying to watch all of your videos from the first one…

Now the thing is what has happened is because there are so many videos I try to learn from all I have become confused and its to understand which one to select to follow in real life…

I have a request for a video for what you do to find the stocks that you are going to trade for the day…
1. First your scan process and then how you select the stocks, I mean how you short list the stocks you will be trading for the upcoming day… for real

and this would be your final list and you will be trading them real and follow this every day now… so I can also do it…

thank you so much again

Maria Galloway says:

Hi Humbled Trader! Quick question please, so I’m opening an account with CMEG because I live in the USA and I’m starting with only about $1k and I have to get around the PDT rule so that’s why I’m going to an offshore broker….so my question is do you trade with an offshore or do you just use a few US Brokers to get around the PDT rule? Thank you for your time!!! Please let me know when you can…👍🏼❤️ and what do you suggest?

Song of love metal official says:

I hit the i want a rich trading girlfriend button

Maria Galloway says:

I have to tell you since you did a video on Benzinga – it helped me sooooo much! I was GREEN today! YOU are an amazing teacher! Thank you!

tiffo says:

will you do any YouTube Live Trading videos? Appreciate you so much!

K27fan says:

Love your videos and bubbly personality. I just watched your vid on the XNET short from hell. LOL, we have all been there and you are cool for putting those videos up. I started daytrading back in '97 when there were no ECN's or trading platforms. We had a broker in Chicago that we would call, then try and keep on the phone and get some real time quotes and then sell. Some guys in our chat room started getting filled instantly and we were like "how did you do that?" They were using ISLD and ARCA which had just come out. Next up was platforms like Realtick, it is amazing to see how every brokerage now has an advanced day trading platform. It is also amazing to me how many people on YT and the web are offering to teach you how to be a millionaire by trading. Its all BS, I saw people locally to me that were "teachers" who could not trade for shit. I like to describe it like this: during the Calif. Gold Rush of the 1850's very few made any money, but the people selling picks and shovels made a fortune. So I am very leery of all these so called gurus telling you how yes, you can make Lamborghini money. Keep doing what you do, it is a breath of fresh air among all the BS artists.

Maria Galloway says:

OMGOSH! I truly love how you teach. Seriously, this is resonating with me so much! Thank YOU! I hit the LIKE button too! LOL….Subscribed to your weekly watch-list AND signed up on your waiting list…..So grateful I found you.

Jason S says:

I don't trade, somehow your videos ended up in my suggestions. I am subscribed and watch for entertainment. I have no clue what most of what you're talking about, but enjoy listening!

JayeHK says:

This video is great analysis of good longs and shorts. Minor point: in addition to the yellow circle pointer, if there was some way to make it clearer/bigger which stock and day you are on, and to distinguish pre-market from regular trading session, that would help a lot visually.

jcrockett870 says:

Congratulations, you know that you have arrived when beststockstrategy is calling you a scam.

wtd nose says:

Is party over for CLVS (long) with its shelf offering today (Mon Dec 16th)?

Jeff Jacobi says:

Humble you really should start a clothing brand with raining lambos or something along that line

pierre1122 says:


Gus Task says:

Very informative she explains it very well

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