How to buy stock with Etrade

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SUBSCRIBE!Step by Step video of how to find stock you want and buy them. Step buy step video of how to start a etrade account: Step by step video of how to sell stock:


SkyRocketCash says:

Why is it only good for a day… can you make it good for a year

Matte Branco says:

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Nicholas Bilaczenko says:

Nicholas Bilaczenko 1 second ago
The Cause : Internet computer technology is flawed , NYSE computers are in principle no different to Home Personal Computer [PC] with 100's of millions of Buy and Sell Market Orders sent over the internet, inevitably 2 electronic Order enter a junction of a computer processing chip set simultaneously and the NYSE or Stock broker incorrectly processes both electronic Market Orders at the same time when only 1 Market Order at a time should be processed resulting in corrupt financial market transactions of financial detriment.
The chip set microchip processors algorithms [programming] becomes corrupt and chip set processors follow that corrupt path, all incoming electronic Buy and Sell orders will also be incorrectly processed. The distinguishing difference between ordinary internet browsing and the NYSE and NYSE member stock brokers is that all incoming and outgoing electronic share trading data is that electronic financial data is live streaming, The Flaw in internet computer technology that I speak about is an inherent flaw with streaming and live steaming technology.
Corrupt streaming or live streaming processing occurs with say for instance a Youtube movie that becomes corrupt all PC manufactures recommended remedy is to reboot a PC, a computer term for restart, there is no remedy when the NYSE and NYSE stock brokers processing malfunctions and produces corrupt financial transactions . The NYSE or a NYSE cannot re boot its electronic share trading systems when the rest of the market is still trading.
It is the share trader, DIY superannuation manger, investor that incurs financial losses as result of these corrupt financial transactions, not the NYSE or NYSE member stock brokers because the NYSE and stock brokers revenue is commission based fees and not market performance based, in other words the NYSE and NYSE member stock brokers revenue are nor effected in the same way as investors by their own electronic share trading platforms.
The Financial market has always been unregulated or rather self regulated an avenue in 1998/2000 is created for experimental internet computer technology of financial detriment upon the nations citizenry. Experimental internet computer technology that was not adequately and properly tried and tested before being imposed upon the general public for faults , flaws and integrity of electronic share trading systems. Another example is 2 internet access technologies Dial-Up and broadband of 2 different and incompatible band width frequencies running together in the same computer systems also produce corrupt financial transactions.
Wrong share prices, excessive delays in market order instructions entering into the market, market order vanishing and disappearing into thin air causing an imbalance in the market depth and creating artificial share prices, Stock broker malfunctions giving unauthorized access to investors to gain access to other investors accounts and execute unauthorized trading and numerous variations of electronic share trading system malfunctions to numerous to list all here;
I have gathered 100's of screen snap shots as these events happen and produced videos, for example Google "Etrade's Faulty Consumer Product." and "Directshares Faulty consumer product" and others
The author has incurred losses of life's savings and a mortgage.The author has incurred losses of life's savings and a mortgage.The Banks own the stock brokers in the business of equity dealing share the same identical flawed internet computer technology, similarly aviation flight centers , national shipping and I believe the nations defense forces and other commercial application systems which repeatedly malfunction to the financial detriment of the general public
These malfunctions coupled with other events can bring about the collapse of any nations financial systems, for instance Tokyo stock exchange $618 billion error Nov 2014, and JPMorgan Chase report of security breach of 71 million and 11 million small business accounts.
End of Short summary

miamisburg1985 says:

there is no graphics?

PC Krypton says:

Is there a Video for "Stock Exchange for Dummies" cuz i want to give the stock buying stuff a shot and see how i will do at it.

paul marino says:

great info for a beginner thanks…

Omar Ruiz says:

Quick question! When buying/selling stocks, do they also deduct the tax for me? Or do I have to do that myself when tax season comes? Sorry if its a stupid question.


I need to find out more about this I want to try it

ted dy says:

nice video, thanks

Royal Financial Investment Group says:

@capt planet I do have a video of live trades.

capt planet says:

very well done. i only hope to see a video where you actually buy a stock. im new and dont understand the follow through. certain stocks force me to buy 1000 shares at a time. i think.

Ritche Orcullo says:


Alia Gonzalez says:

You are a wealth of knowledge and know how to simplify it for the layman. Thank you!

Val Go says:

my etrade account is totally different than yours

Yanrel Elison says:

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BC Wagner says:

Great video thanks for posting, every little step of learning is valuable. Thank you and great job for explaining the basics without all the unnecessary jargon, well done

ballhawk griffien says:

good video.You explain it really well,thats the most important part.

Paul Klanecky says:

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fillede Dieu says:

Thank you I needed to learn this

Timothy Campbell says:

why does it say i Have settled available cash for investment and net account value, but when i try to purchase stocks it says I have insufficient money

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