How to Buy the Best Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Penny Stocks

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What a crazy market this is for Bitcoin & crypto-currency-related penny stocks, this is a good rundown on what’s hot right now and how to adapt to the current market conditions.

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Here’s an outline of the best bitcoin and cryptocurrency related penny stocks.

0:40 Past few days I’ve made $3,000 a day.
1:00 You should be making $3,000 in a day.
1:50 Studying and adaption is required. Three grand per day keeps the real job away.
3:00 When a stock goes up more than you anticipated, you’re on the right track.
4:00 Any company that announces their own cryptocurrency is getting rewarded.
5:50 It’s not about being first, you do not have to guess the news ahead of time. What’s working is spotting something that is spiking and recognizing that it’s got legs.
8:30 You don’t have to be first with these cryptocurrency stocks, there’s plenty of money to be made if you spot the spikes.
10:10 Whether you’re making $3,000 like I did or $2,000 a day it all adds up.
10:50 The money you make in the beginning is irrelevant, it’s a learning process.
11:30 Make every mistake in the book in the beginning and remember it doesn’t matter. If you stick to the rules and the process you will learn what not to do.
14:35 Practice good habits and focus on the good stocks.
17:40 The whole strategy right now is to just buy whatever blockchain or cryptocurrency stock is breaking out.
20:00 You need to study and you need the right mindset in order to turn a few thousand dollars into a few hundred thousand dollars in a few years.


Tony Coccia says:

Three grand a day keeps the real job away!!

Seth W says:

im starting to learn that you don't teach anything in these youtube videos. Its just promotions to get us to join the challenge. THATS WHY YOUU NEED TO STUDY…..Cant count how many times ive heard that.

Harlem 600 says:

How do I take classes I have 500 in hand to invest and trying to understand

Harlan Bassham says:

Thanks Tim! Study Study and Yes Study more!!

Hal Knowles says:

3000 a day keeps the real day away 😁🤘💯Thanks as always Tim

Elio Borrero says:

3k a day keeps the real job AWAY !!
Tha Man spoke

Michael Zanderigo says:

3 grand a day keeps the real job away.

canudropit2 says:

$3000 a day keeps the real job away!!!

Roy N Barlow says:

Three grand a day keeps the real job away.

Travis Sandidge says:

3 Grand a day keeps the real job away

Travis Sandidge says:

Hey Tim I have not become a student yet but I have been listening to your videos on YouTube for 7mos and the thing I like about you is that you never say trust me you say Trust The Process great teaching

Colin says:

I wouldnt mind $500 a day to start then eventually work my way up to $3000 a day. TAKE SINGLES!!! then have your Home runs here and there

Nico Gloria says:

3k a day keeps he real job away

aj ajj says:

3 k a day keeps the real jobss away.( some people have to work 2 jobs a day)

Lee Lucas says:

3 grand a day keeps a job away

Nic & Marissa Rivera says:

$3,000 per day keeps the real job away!

Hakau Pikula says:

How do I become a student????

Molonelabe says:

3k a day keeps the real job away!

unkonwn man says:

3K a day keeps the real job (slavery) away.
Can you tell me what are the names of these programs? I want to get started in this but don't know the programs.

Danny Gomz says:

Three grand a day keeps the real job away! Thank you

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