How To Choose Only The Best Investments – Timothy Sykes

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Timothy Sykes is the CEO of TLMC Media LLC and talks about how to chose the best investments to add to your portfolio.

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limor noy says:

i like him. because of him i don't buy .0001 stocks and wait forever. Though some are going up. Because of Sykes i look at a company. I don't just buy. I love penny stocks
i've bought a million of them thinking they'd go to 1. nope. they reversed split on me. I am following other people including my brother who is teaching to look at the chart. Before i buy he tells me why or why not it will go up or down. or if it is worth it. He is usually right. Tim Sykes teaches you what to look for. Before I i just swam in, and the stock usually went to swallow water, it took years for it to climb, and then some would reverse splits leaving me with a share or a more. Now i am learning to wait and see what i am doing wrong. it's nice he can teach. Bless him. I am learning and reading and following investors advice and my brother's advice and sometimes watching Tim's videos too. my nutty brain one day will understand how to trade on my own. currently my brain is on hemp and gluten free milk. i drink hemp like tea. it's like chocolate, coffee tea. etc. One day trading for me will be easy, but until my nutty brain will understand i follow and read. Thank you all for teaching showing me video. Because of them my stocks are in warm water not in cold water. thank you

Brian Suth says:

Thanks Tim… for keeping it real… I am a scared trader waiting for that opportunity that gives me a 51% edge

Ed bet says:

Timothy Sykes is a great guy and teacher. He provides a good education for penny stocks and the stock market in general. All these guys discriminating him should seriously consider opening their minds and do some fucking research about him. He has donated millions of dollars, opened several schools and continues helping other traders. He is an Inspirational person and deserves big respect.

HedgeOwl Invest says:

tim self proclaimed day trader that’s afraid of trading lol

Heather Hopkins says:

tim is racist too.

Andrew Gile says:

such a bad look for Cambridge house

Ray Miller says:

Folks )))…Tim is smart Guy. Im not his student but I wanna tell you that I'm trading $SPX Future with high leverage and Im made $550 thousand from my $50 thousand account.

Tyler K says:

I respect the stones on Tim Sykes coming in to a resource conference that focuses on long term investments and taking a completely contrarian approach to everything, not too mention he handled himself well against the heckler from his previous speech. While I'm not sure if I necessarily agree with everything he says he flat out states that "I don't know about long term blue chip investing, I only know short term day trading" so he is simply discussing what he knows and for that reason you can't criticize him for staying in his lane.

Will Kriski - Politics, Economics, Culture says:

Love this guy

Timothy Sykes says:

Thanks again for having me, gotta try to educate stubborn goldbugs!

Fred Winslow says:

He never said what he does other than using rare tech formula signs What signs ?

\/// says:

I love Timothy Sykes! Great for day traders, but you probably have Katusa to blame for this.

robichard says:

Don’t believe this guy for a second.

jonnydraw says:

He might be full of it or he might be legit, is he running one of those get in before my subs and pump a low liquidity penny stock and dump it on them types?

The Oracle says:

This is very embarrassing. He's a day trader who stepped on stage to thrash the whole sector. Please VRIC, don't bring this foul-mouthed individual back next year.

Z Coon says:

love this guy. Instant fan!

Matthew Auvigne says:

What a horrible addition to the conference.

TheWolfsan says:

are you fcking kidding me? This fcking scammer is still scamming.

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