How to choose the right Options Trading Strategy – Hindi Tutorial

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Call Options, Put Options, Bull Call Spread, Bear Call Spread, Bull Put Spread, Bear Put Spread
Options Trading Strategies
Options Trading Basics
How Options Trading Works
Options Payoffs, Max Profit, Max Loss, Breakeven
Options trading in Indian stock market

This options trading tutorial is made by Sensibull – India’s First Options Trading Platform


Anna Deueka says:

So glad I made good profits from trading stocks and forex with the help of

rahul tiwari says:

Sir ye butterfly strategy kya hota hai

rahul tiwari says:

Ye aaya kuch kaam ka video best sir nice video

Kanika Agarwal says:

Such a to the point video. I have this exact doubt in my mind that after having a view on a stock, what are the things tht shd be considered while choosing the diff trading tools available (stock, future, option) to trade on that view. You have definitely shown the right direction to the thought process for finding the answer. Thanks a lot!

nawneet patel says:




Can you use the real option prices for DHFL or any other company which faced similar price fluctuation and put it in these strategies to show how the profit/loss is affected.

R v says:

Please tell only in English

Ajay M says:

Option के बारे में हिंदी में समझाने के लिए शुक्रिया ।
Option के बारे में हिंदी में अच्छी जानकारी बहुत कम उपलब्ध है

deepak mahato says:

PCR topic pe koi vedio banaye na sir full detail k sath

Deepak Korgaonkar says:

Option selling … margin ?

vitthal Bhosale says:

Very Good explained sir…Now it going to clear about the strategy's

Amit V says:

Arabpati banne ka sapna ..
Lol..good one..??

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