How To Consistently Grow Your Robinhood Account 2018

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Daniel Day says:

Video starts at 4:30. Thank me later.

Pitou says:

summary: consistently on a consistent basis

Táy215 says:

Great video.. I’m subbed, deff following your path and is on board ???? I’m inspired

Alexis Thomas says:

I found this insightful & informative. Can’t wait to learn more! Thank you 🙂

Jesus Moreno says:

Wats the platform called?

sosouth15 says:

This video sounds like one big run-on sentence lol. Slow it down man

Sebi One says:

You seem to have a genuine interest in helping people. That's very refreshing.

Sebi One says:

Good information. My bullshit detector didn't go off once. Watching trading videos, it usually gets overloaded.

Thanks for putting the time and effort into making this video.

Yosemite nationalpark says:

would you consider opening a subreddit?

EPTRotorsports says:

Show one of these trades live with a time stamp

Marshall Sanders says:

Bladayadayadayadda idunno guys coke is a hell of a drug

Art Traveler says:

With the down trends of the past few months, are you still making long side profitable trades? I be been swing trading for 20 years and would sure like to learn intra day.

Lil based nerd says:

Wanted to put tape on his mouth.

Johan Hernandez says:

would you mind speaking a little slower? Great content though

Francisco Lopez Ponce says:

I only comment when I see videos as Cornel Notes… and I like it.

Justin.19 says:

Am I the only one who's like, 5-10 mins on and this guy is talking shit ?

Meander Lilly says:

If you want ot present like a grown-ass man, take the shocker off your wall before filming. Toy did well with your info presentation, the video quality is great.

VerbiesWins says:

Just use Tradingview

Wallace Willis says:

Everyone seems to think you've got some secret that your getting a point to but I understand you and it's really helpful. it's more like someone guiding you some what in the right direction.

MeDeChamp says:

Don’t you have to write this stuff down on your taxes!?!?

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