How To Control Your Emotions in Stock Trading

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It’s vital that you learn to control your emotions in stock trading. But it’s not easy! It takes a ton of discipline. Learn my two rules to help you get past your emotions and become a more disciplined trader.

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I believe dreams can come true, but with hard work and patience. There are tons of perils along the way.

The number-one setback for most traders is emotion. Too many traders are mentally and emotionally invested in stocks — and it shows in their trades. Here’s the good news: With enough knowledge, you can change these habits and adapt accordingly.

The best rules I’ve learned in terms of trading can seem counterintuitive. Trades won’t always play out as you plan. It takes extreme discipline to not let a small loss turn into a potentially huge disaster.

That’s why I teach you how to cut losses quickly. Losing is inevitable, but learning to manage your emotions while trading is just smart. Because your emotions can make you do foolish things…

So, rule number one: Cut losses quickly. If a stock is going in my favor, but maybe not quick enough, I don’t wait for a loss. I exit.

Depending on how long you’ve been following me, you may notice that I exit trades faster than I ‘should.’ Sure, I could make bigger gains, but I’m not willing to take the risk.

Rule number two: Trade conservatively. Trading without emotion is essential, and it’s not easy! It takes discipline and practice until it becomes mechanical.

Anything can happen in the stock market. Any one trade can wipe you out if you’re overconfident. I still make mistakes. I still lose. My number-one problem is overtrading.

I like to think of myself as a retired trader. I don’t wanna take a trade if I don’t feel confident. My mindset is to only come out of retirement for the trades I’m confident in.

This mentality helps keep me disciplined. Try it!

How have your emotions bested you while trading? How do you build and maintain your discipline? Drop a comment below and let me know!

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Kimutai Gideon says:

HELLO tim..i have started learning tradings since i saw you on steve harvey show..i started option trading a month ago but its not going well what should i do ?

The Success Wallet says:

Tim, Sir am so happy and grateful to have met you on YouTube, I am a Forex Trader and I just want to THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP, COMMITMENT. I truly enjoy your interviews with your millionaire students. I love you for help, sincerity and I am truly grateful to you for who you are. Thank you very much sir, am grateful

Jeremy Jones says:

Thank you for all of your videos The knowledge, experience, and honesty that you bring to new traders around the world is far beyond what any of the other teachers bring to the table.

Henry Craig says:

Knowledge facilitates growth and performance.

Determination —》Perseverance —》Patience —》Self-discipline

VoB18 says:

Tim do you still trade?

David says:

Hi, do you have a video you can recommend me to understand all the trading steps on a trading platform? Many talk about strategies and it's ok, but few people show you step by step how to open and close positions when you're a beginner..

olgusalove says:

So true! It takes a great effort to master.

jbrolas says:

How much money you need to start using applications? I say that based that you need more than just money for trading to get ready. Looking for a yearly ball park. Thanks for the videos and books. Reading “The complete penny stock course” and it works for a beginner like me.

Eric Miller says:

whats the best stock sector? weed? or oil/energy?

Jacob Crotchrocket says:

I think a great video lesson you should create, whether it’s on YouTube or pennystocking silver, would be more advanced or basic technical tips that are rarely touched on and not many people know. Like for example, how even when there may be a lot of volume on any given green candle there can be a lot of selling pressure which is a bearish factor, many noobs don’t know that and all they see is a green candle so they think buy. Interesting little tips like that do matter and they are hard to find being talked about

kjc9 trader says:

Is someone in the car filming you – or is the camera pre-set, and your alone??? The camera seems to be moving a bit while your talking… just curious!…

Stanley Leo says:

So true to be a successful trader you have to be disciplined.

Tumerlink says:

Thank you for all this lessons

Jeff says:

Yesterday on GTEH, I cut profits at $300, later that day the stock was up 100% I could have made $2000 profit but I’m glad to be disciplined, especially with my small account!

Stephanie Hughes says:

Hey Tim, another great great video and lesson, thanks for your dedication to us! I'm still studying. Going to finish the VIP challenge this week. I'm reading some books you suggested as well. The things that I am most curious about and want to wrap my head around a little more, is supply and demand and playing off the weaknesses and ill preparedness of others. Does it pay to keep an eye on what everyone else is planning on buying or watching? This increases volume, liquidity, and price action, if everyone is running for the same thing. Then in the back of your mind, you know the plays may not work out for them and move the stock in the other direction or you can get the jump before they do. I know you have said study the chat room but pay no mind to noise, and have touched on this subject a bit, but can we be educated and study others moves to benefit from it? Just adding this factor to the rest to be prepared for the next day. I'm finding this one particular area interesting that people and their market psychology move the stocks.

Jag Heter says:

Absolutely LOVE this kind of video where you combine luxury and lessons. Very helpful and inspiring, thanks Tim!

Defiant GTI says:

what you had for lunch today?

Al Tsunami says:

How do you earn the money to actually trade? Any recommendations?

Ryan Barkowski says:

Can you do more videos on chart analysis and live webinars? Like in the old days of this channel.

Ryan Barkowski says:

Is an earnings winner a price action or a report of earnings in Q1-Q4 and 10Ks? Also how do you find news and pumps?

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