How To Create Solid Wealth Over Time With Penny Stocks

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This is a long video lesson because you have to understand all the various angles to become my next millionaire student, too many people only have some of this information so I see far too many assumptions, lies and misinformation being spread…creating great wealth with penny stocks IS possible, but it takes time and you need to have the right mindset and perspective otherwise you will lose like most traders do…it’s your choice entirely


Roland Parks says:

I have a question regarding the PDT rule. Let´s say that I nail BIOC from 1.30 to 2.15 on a morning spike. Instead of selling, would it be smart not to sell, but instead, buy an additional (hedge) short position on BIOC to hold overnight. That would protect my profits, minus the extra broker fees. (small price to pay to go around the PDT rule). The next day, I could either sell both or one and ride the morning spike or the panic. That way I would keep my PDT trade. Might cost me a few extra bucks, but would not go against me on the PDT. Anyone has tried that?

Christian Thompson says:

Tim, do you have an email address?

k po says:

When I look at the product section on the pricing doesn't reflect these discounts apart from 70% on how to make millions. Penny Stocking Part Deux doesn't display $248.50…

Oops, I just found it. It's the holiday sale at the top of the website…

Banja Bouphasavanh says:


Anthony Smith says:


Perry Bible says:

Hahaha, if you're ugly then… 😀 But what if u r tooooo hot Tim? What then?

Lucas Gonzalez (Maury) says:

I'm new to all this so the video was helpful. 5:04am here in Utah and just finished your video.
Thanks for the 90 min video!

StichRulez Motivation says:

Dedication and eager to achieving my goals this year. #TrustTheProcess

Lex87 says:

dedication!!! thank you for all the infotmation ???

Rohan SF says:


D johnson says:

Started trading this week up $400 and I've been eyeing Pennystocking Framework…. IT'S A SIGN!!!!!!!!

Emmette Quiambao says:


Nyasha Musuka says:


simon asmera says:

Dedication! You're just amazing Person Tim!

Bryan D. says:


Ruben Palacios says:

Where can I buy stocks I want to start buying stocks I have been watching your videos learning about what you say but I don't know where to buy then. I have E-trade in mind but I will like to know from you . Thank you

Orlin Baca says:


John davin says:

can i start with 800 bucks cuz thts all I've got

I just want the top says:


Jacky Ip says:

Hey Tim. Just joined your Timalerts last week and I really appreciate how hard you work. I've joined a program for $55/month and the guy didn't even give me a daily watchlist as promised. Here you are not only giving me daily watchlist but you go above and beyond to give extended video breakdowns. I transitioned from v trading to real trading after 3 months. starting out a little rough but i know i will make it if i keep studying. Thanks Tim!

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