How To Day Trade For Beginners | Penny Stock Investor

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Whitney Mitchell says:

How do I join this in a beginner

Terrence Clarke says:

alright i have a question, i have been watching a few of your videos on the stock market and what i want to know is, can a person who lives in the caribbean, more specifically 'Guyana' trade stocks?

Tim G says:

If there were a drinking game where everyone drank every time you say umm. We would all be dead. Lol good video though

YoBoiSparrow says:

I don't understand this my mom wants me to watch this and I'm freaking 12 years old

Ernest Rusucarp says:

Haters gonna hates. Good on your success, man

Austin Morris says:

I work at one of the largest financial firms in the country. I must say, your material is exciting, insightful, and wise unlike the material presented to us at work. Thanks for the videos.

Steven Clark says:

hey where can I download the plan I can't seem to find it

Fitness LifeStyle says:

how do u start this? do u have to buy like a subscription or visit a website?? I've always wanted to try this out but never knew how to start!

Tim Marbeiter says:

Where is the excel spreadsheet software you mentioned I could download at 10:0010:30 min mark. I couldn't hear or understand clearly and the subtitles couldn't label correctly either. Putting in my stop loss, managing risk etc and having a nice little piece of software to calculate it for me would be wonderful. It's all a new game to me btw.

AshburnConnectTV says:

I receive the following and what does it mean: "Non-equity, bulletin board, OTC, pink sheet and other specific securities are not eligible for the price type you have specified." I'm trying to buy penny stocks. What should be the 'Price Type and Term' be?

Dylan Le says:

how difficult is this to get into? do people often succeed or fail from this?

edlee789 says:

Great video and thanks for sharing. Can U pls tell me what is the best chart software  in your opinion?

Benjamin Novikov says:

How is your $SNAP @17 doing?

Jorge orellana says:

Great video. So easy to understand.

Mizanur Rahman says:

I'm a beginner and like to know what trading platform most people use?

toño vazquez says:

can i use the same criteria for forex trading?????????????????????????????

Paltibenlaish says:

whats the recommended broker and platform trade????

Preacher Rodriguez says:

what stock software you use to see those charts and what stock broker u use

ChandonChavis says:

What's the formula you use in Excel to determine risk and potential return for a stock?

CryptoWorld says:

actually showed his charts and rules. Thank you so much for that

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