How to Day Trade Gaps on Blue Chip Stocks

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Have you noticed some gaps move differently than others? Why?
Which gaps have a tendency to do strange things?

In this video Jerremy Alexander Newsome will cover
– What a blue chip stock is
– How to analyze the daily gap
– Why gaps on blue chips fade
– How to play those moves

This is a spectacular video and we at Real Life Trading are confident it will help you with your day trading career!


Roshni Patel says:

Another awesome video! Definitely helps to learn the psychology behind price action.

Ashu Juneja says:

If u can make shorter videos like less than 30 min… Easily u can achieve 50,000 subscribers mark.

Mv3 Trader says:

These videos are like giving out free gold to the public!

Mauricio Moreno says:

Great video man!! Thks!! By the way, nice dancing at the end, dude!!?

hunterx98 says:

Will watch over the weekend 😉

sagar bhandvalkar says:

Hi, i am from india and following you from long time and love your trading style to trade gaps trying to implement in indian market. any suggestions for me to play gaps in indian market?

kay Shubert says:

what is a good platform to daytrade on to not be killed by charges

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