How To Day Trade Penny Stocks In 2018 | Investing In Penny Stocks For Beginners

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Today we review how I day trade penny stocks and we also review few penny stocks that I gave you previously to invest in.

Day trading is simple when it comes to penny stocks, however you need to put in the work.

Investing In Penny Stocks For Beginners in 2018.

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Link to track these penny stocks to trade or invest in.


Neil ! says:

I recently joined your patreon and I would definitely love to attend a seminar. I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland so it's only a short trip for me

Dwane Ford says:

do you use any pre market movement consideration when dealing in Pharma penny stocks or is the positive news a definite buy and the negative news is a definite short? Also does this apply on earnings reports where a good report all around equals a buy or do you still have to watch the pre market.

Gemini says:

Your videos are great I cant stop watching.

Awura Abena says:

Thank you. I would like some mentoring please. I use trade zero platform. What do you think?

ace Areceneaux says:

Looking for a mentor sir.

Tom Lawson says:

I predict these tings – Conor Mcgregor

charle2364 says:

Can you do a live seminar? I'm from phil would be great if you'll have one. I am one of your fan'

Sebastian Fors says:

So if a stock spikes during the premarket like it did with MNOV, should i wait for the drop and then buy when it starts to go up again?

Relaxing Garden says:

To the point , thank you

Asad Ali Amin says:

Thanx Zaid for sharing these details. Interim Results, Pre Market Hike, Unclear Results, High Resistance and many other variables come into play and these are significant to learn while dealing with Pharmaceutical stocks. It's not just Positive=Spike. I am always learning and I ask you to kindly share these details like in this video so all of us makes a profit. Thank you. Respect

Family Cartoon says:

I would love to have a mentor

Ahmed M says:

yes bro go for a seminar but i will be grateful if you record it and publish it just in case we don't attend it live.

4bama1139 says:

What website do you go to for finding data on all the companies that have events coming up? If fda website what specific section? Also Like label updates I know MNKD had one and I think GERN has an update in may but I can’t find. Thanks in advance

xViiiZe says:

What indicators do you use for TA? Or do you solely base your trades on FA?

patrick gerald says:

Good Zaid seminar would be great

Boar Codrut says:

what amount of money would you say that is good for a start?

Justin Falk says:

Zaid, you mentioned watching DVAX in the coming days. Are you insinuating that it will go back up and stay up probably? Should one think about buying it tomorrow and swinging it?

Also, if I would've tried to buy this stock on Robin hood pre-market, is there any chance you can get it at pre market price on that app? Or do I need to use a brokerage account?

Duane Smith says:

Damn good video! Any thoughts on MPX and TBP? Haven’t Miss a post I think but don’t remember those two. Insight?

Juan Saldana says:

Be my mentor 🙌🏽

50jgstrick says:

Bread and butter trading that doesn't require all of your time. I would love to attend a seminar but I live in the U.S. Any kind of live online seminar would be great.

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