How to day trade stock options? | $1,890 in 20 minutes Options Trading

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In this video I go over step by step on how to day trade stock options. I made $1,890 in 20 minutes options trading. I go over the price action and how to read price action. I also talk about the best stocks to buy which is TWLO. The stock is setting up a pattern.

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SmarTrader says:

Long video = Juicy information!! Hope you enjoyed it!

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Super Saiyan Paul says:

This is absolute gold in terms of value bro! Can you do a breakdown of how you purchase the actual options, I'm still a little confused on that process lol if possible. With these stocks do you buy in the money or out of the money, does the expiration date matter on short term plays like this esp if theres a downside (risk management)? On a swing trade position what do I have to be cautious of when it comes to decay?

Amazing video though! Keep it up!

Gangadhar Mahindrakar says:

Good Profit ST — lets see tomorrow!!!…

skyfire302 says:

Great video ST! excellent explanation. thank you for taking you time to do this.
keep it coming! 👌

K S says:

Great video . Thank you! So the hugging green line is 13 ema, what are the blue and the red (seems like 200 sma and 50sma)? thank you

A. Chill Woods says:

How do you perform order entry for Options for a day trade? Thanks.

B Hw says:

Hey smartrader, thanks for the deep analysis. Quick question, which screener/scanner did you use to pick this up prior to market open?

bryce says:

Why did you pick a otm 300 strike and what expiry?

Nguyens Brand says:

Nice catch bro. Good learn your technique

kyle feland says:

Always enjoy the trading video feel like I get better and better every trade

GM ZZZ says:

Thankyou again for the lessons.

Matt Schmidt says:

man i would love a winner. I am great at picking losers.

J.J.N says:

is there a way we can join you in your trades? Like do you have a live platform where you post once you've made these trades?

evolve stocks says:

I like your explanation in every video that you post

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